John RWD Jones obituary

Human rights lawyer who helped ensure justice for some of the most demonised defendants.. The human rights barrister John RWD Jones devoted himself to helping those in peril in the courts. He was a leading architect of the nascent system of… Source: John RWD Jones obituary | Law | The Guardian Read More »

Hopes of Coexistence in Syria

Does Samar Yazbek’s diary of the Syrian civil war merely represent the dreams of an exile? By Frederick Deknatel In the spring and summer of 2011,
 Samar Yazbek, an outspoken Syrian writer and journalist in Damascus from a prominent Alawite family, kept a diary of… Source: Hopes of Coexistence in Syria | The Nation Read More »

‘I want to stare death in the eye’… how great writers confronted their mortality

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Sigmund Freud refused painkillers so he could choose the moment of his death, Susan Sontag fought it until the very end, Maurice Sendak drew it obsessively and John Updike wrote poems about it. Katie Roiphe finds beauty and comfort in the way great writers confronted their mortality… Source: ‘I want to stare death in the eye’… how great writers confronted their mortality | Books | The Guardian Read More »

Harper Lee, elusive author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ is dead at 89

Her novel, one of the most cherished books of all time, was her only published book — until the sensational release of “Go Set a Watchman.”… Source: Harper Lee, elusive author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ is dead at 89 – The Washington Post Read More »

Scalia Changed the Course of American Law

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Antonin Gregory Scalia has died. For some, it is the painful loss of a husband or father. For those who knew him, it is the loss of a good friend. For law students, it is the loss of a justice who wrote opinions with rigorous analysis, clarity of expression, and at times an acerbic wit. The National Interest – Paul J. Larkin Jr. * For conservatives, it is the loss of a standard-bearer and icon. For liberals, it is the loss of ... Read More »

Dimitris Tsaloumas and the Music of the Unseen

‘The poetry of Dmitris Tsaloumis, who died earlier this month, will be read time and again by young poets who want to feel the otherness of poetic language or experience the otherness within the poetic language. His translingualism is the home of contemporary sensitivity: “I arrived on time though I had no address,” he says one of his poems. He reached Australian poetry at the right moment, when a poetic regime change was necessary and desired. In his best poems, ... Read More »

George Jonas, one of the finest

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My friend, George Jonas, died Sunday age 80. He was one of the finest writers I ever read and, undoubtedly, the finest I ever knew personally. Toronto Sun – BY LORNE GUNTER On his passing, George’s son Alexander said “He lived to find the right word, the right turn of phrase and the music in his writing.” I can think of no more apt way to describe George’s style. His words had the power of hammers, but the touch of feathers. His columns ... Read More »

‘I’m still there, in my dreams’: Thomas Blatt, survivor of daring escape from Nazi death camp, dies

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Thomas Toivi Blatt was certain he would die on the evening of October 14, 1943. Sarah Kaplan He was 16 years old, orphaned, Jewish, a prisoner of the Nazis at one of their brutal death camps, Sobibor. And he was about to take part in one of the most daring revolts of concentration camp captives, one that nearly every participant knew was doomed. “We had no dreams of liberation,” Blatt later wrote. “We hoped merely to destroy the camp and to die from bullets rather than from gas. ... Read More »

The Servile Fanatic: Niall Ferguson’s Grotesque but Telling New Biography of Henry Kissinger

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Jackson, Polk, and—Kissinger? Tablet – By Todd Gitlin 1. American history does not lack for superintendents of devastation whom the taxidermy of whitewashed history puts on display as illustrious persons for the admiration of schoolchildren. While ghosts prowl the outskirts of national mythology, herds of admirers graze agreeably, ever cowed. Consider Thomas Jefferson, who in 1803 wrote confidentially [1] to the governor of the Indiana Territory that if natives east of the Mississippi persisted in refusing to give up their hunting ways and ... Read More »

A sad day for our Europa Donna Cyprus family

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Today is a sad day for our Europa Donna Cyprus family. We lost one of our founding members and member of our Board for the last 15 years, Eleni Kourri, our Nitsa. I choose to write this in English to share this sad news with our Europa Donna European family as Nitsa was an active ED member attending the advocacy training, all the Pan European conferences, and was one of the first Cypriot women who spoke out for women with ... Read More »

C. K. Williams in The New Yorker

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The poet C. K. Williams, who died on Sunday, at the age of seventy-eight, published his first poem in The New Yorker nearly fifty years ago. The New Yorker – By David Haglund * It ran in the April 2, 1966, issue, and was titled, “The World’s Greatest Tricycle Rider.” It begins: The world’s greatest tricycle rider is in my heart, riding like a wildman, no hands, almost upside down, along the walls and over the high curbs and stoops, his bell rapid-firing, ... Read More »

Remembering EL Doctorow, the conscience of the USA

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Novelist EL Doctorow has died in a Manhattan hospital from complications of lung cancer. He was 84. The Conversation – Michael Wutz * He was the recipient of many distinguished literary prizes, among them the National Book Award, two National Books Critics Circle Awards, the PEN/Faulkner Award, the William Dean Howells Medal of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the National Humanities Medal, and most recently, the Library of Congress Prize for American fiction. Shortly after the news of ... Read More »

Sir Nicholas Winton, rescuer of 669 Jewish children during the Holocaust, dead at 106

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“Who’s helping the children?” Emily Langer That was the question that Nicholas Winton, a 29-year-old English stockbroker, asked when he found himself in Prague in 1938. As war loomed in Europe, humanitarian groups had initiated efforts to aid Jews, political refugees and other groups endangered by Hitler’s advancing threat. But Winton found no such effort under way specifically for the children of Czechoslovakia. I knew that for every Jewish child safely deposited on the platform that day, there were hundreds ... Read More »

Obituary Tariq Aziz

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Tariq Aziz, former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq has passed away. Twelve years of suffering in Iraqi jails have ended and he can finally  rest in peace. The Brussells Tribunal – by Hans von Sponeck & Denis Halliday * Unwell, deprived of adequate medical help and abandoned by the outside world, he was held hostage by Iraqi governments following the illegal invasion of Iraq by the US and the UK governments in 2003. Tariq Aziz was needed by a struggling authority as ... Read More »

‘King of the Blues’ Blues Legend B.B. King Dead at Age 89

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LAS VEGAS – B.B. King, whose scorching guitar licks and heartfelt vocals made him the idol of generations of musicians and fans while earning him the nickname King of the Blues, died late Thursday at home in Las Vegas. He was 89. AP – ABC News – By KEN RITTER Associated Press His attorney, Brent Bryson, told The Associated Press that King died peacefully in his sleep at 9:40 p.m. PDT. He said funeral arrangements were underway. Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg ... Read More »

Fraser didn’t move left, the party moved right

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Vale Malcolm Fraser, I didn’t know him well. Who did, really, outside his family? But if I may one brief personal reminiscence, it is of the last time I saw him to speak to for more than a few minutes, about a decade ago when I spoke at the opening dinner of the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival. The Sydney Morning Herald – Peter FitzSimons It was a time when John Howard’s government was at its furthest extreme and I finished the ... Read More »