Getting to Know the Artisans Who Make Other People’s Art

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There are many invisible people who make the art world run: art handlers, registrars, conservators, exhibition designers. Hyperallergic – Jillian Steinhauer We don’t often see these people listed on press releases or wall placards, but it’s thanks to their work that we get to have meaningful aesthetic experiences. One of the largest groups of behind-the-scenes laborers is artisans — the welders, sculptors, painters, finishers, and ... Read More »

Exhibition at Sprovieri presents a single large installation by Jannis Kounellis


LONDON.- Sprovieri is presenting the fifth solo show by Jannis Kounellis at the gallery. The exhibition presents a single large installation that occupies the whole space of the main gallery. The installation was originally presented at Palazzo Vignola in Todi (Umbria) in August 2014, which the following text by Rudi Fuchs refers to. ‘More and more emphatically in recent years, ... Read More »

This is the Aussie behind the world’s most expensive photograph

Phathom by Peter Lik 1a LLLLL

A photograph by Australian photographer Peter Lik has sold for $6.5 million, making it the most expensive photograph of all time. SBS Australian-born photographer Peter Lik has made art history, with his photograph “Phantom” selling for a record $6.5 million. The photograph was taken in Arizona’s Antelope Canyon and shows a tunnel of curved rocks with a beam of light at ... Read More »

He Was More Than His Madness

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Changes at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam ( NINA SIEGAL – The New York Times ) AMSTERDAM — At the end of Vincente Minnelli’s 1956 film, “Lust for Life,” Vincent van Gogh, portrayed by Kirk Douglas, stands in a wheat field in France and slashes his paintbrush across a canvas. With crows flying wildly around him, he shouts, “It’s impossible!” ... Read More »

Tales of Cyprus

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Con Emannuelle’s art is a record of a way of life which no longer exists and the memory of which remains to only a very few. Tales of Cyprus – Dr Jennifer M. Webb* In collecting these wonderful photographs, in painstakingly and so beautifully drawing these iconic scenes and creating these posters, he is paying tribute, with love and gratitude, to ... Read More »

Ian Fairweather’s Drunken Buddha paintings reunited at Tarrawarra

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Queensland artist survived prisoner of war camp, near drowning and arrest to become one of Australian art’s most influential figures. • My favourite work: Ian Fairweather’s War and Peace – video • Tony Tuckson’s masterpieces left to Australian nation The Guadrian – Fiona Gruber In the pantheon of 20th century Australian artists, the reclusive, eccentric and much-travelled painter Ian Fairweather has ... Read More »

Art Collective Sues German Politician for Libel: “It Is About Freedom of Art”


The German art collective known as the Center for Political Beauty (CPB) doesn’t mess around. In a strange twist, the group has sued Berlin’s interior minister for defamation after he publicly criticized them for moving a Berlin Wall memorial without authorization, RBB has reported. The 1971 memorial consists of seven white crosses bearing the names of people killed attempting to escape across the Berlin Wall ... Read More »

Exhibition of new paintings by British artist Damien Hirst opens at White Cube in Brazil


SAO PAULO.- White Cube São Paulo presents an exhibition of new paintings by Damien Hirst. Described by the artist as ‘portraits of living cities’, the ‘Black Scalpel Cityscapes’ are made up of vast numbers of surgical instruments that combine to create bird’s-eye views of urbanised areas from around the world. With the series, Hirst investigates subjects pertaining to the sometimes-disquieting realities ... Read More »

An Unexpected Country Has Become a Mecca for Subversive Street Art


New York City has traditionally been considered the premier mecca for street artists around the world. “It’s hard to imagine what New Yorkers experienced in the early seventies, as they watched their city become steadily tattooed with hieroglyphics,” wrote Dimitri and Gregor Ehrlich New York magazine in 2007. “Some saw it as vandalism and a symbol of urban decay. But ... Read More »

As Berlin marks fall of wall, Gorbachev warns of new cold war

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev walks across Pariser Platz near the Brandenburg Gate on the e

Ex-Soviet leader backs Putin over Ukraine as Germany celebrates the 25th anniversary of a seminal moment in European history ‘It’s hard to remember how scary it was’ … extraordinary memories of the Berlin Wall As Berliners watch 8,000 balloons being released into the night sky this evening, old divisions between east and west will symbolically vanish into thin air with ... Read More »