The Decorated Kate

Kate Durham in her studio 1a Photo by Amy Campbell LLLLLL

An invitation to sip tea and talk trinkets with Kate Durham is not something one stumbles across everyday. But if you ever find yourself ringing the doorbell to her eclectic home, notebook in hand and excitement uncontainable, I can promise you it will be an afternoon well spent. Jewellery designer, Co-founder of the Fashion Design Council, Refugee Advocate and charming ... Read More »

Durham seeks refuge in her jewellery

Kate Durham with some of her latest work 1a Photo by Luis Ascui LLLLLL

There is no minimalist art for Kate Durham, the maximalist aesthete with distinctive spectacles. While doing a post-graduate diploma of fine art at the VCA, the rebel with a cause winced at the austere preaching that blank was best. “I’m not interested in single-statement art,” she said. Walking through her magnificent Hawthorn home, the wife of Julian Burnside, QC, points ... Read More »

Beautiful Mathematical GIFs Will Mesmerize You


Digital artist and physics PhD student Dave Whyte is dazzling our computer screens with his mesmerizing GIFs that are the perfect marriage of mathematics and art. And we can’t stop watching them. Whyte shares his brilliant, procrastination-fueling creations on an almost daily basis on his Tumblr account, Bees & Bombs. Whyte studies the physics of foam and told Colossal that his first geometric GIFs riffed ... Read More »

Yves Klein: The man who invented a colour

PR 1, Arman by Yves Klein

The Frenchman was an artist, showman and inventor – who created a hue that had never existed before. How did he achieve this? Alastair Sooke reports. One summer’s day in 1947, three young men were sitting on a beach in Nice in the south of France. To pass the time, they decided to play a game and divide up the ... Read More »

Horror Is a Constant, as Artists Depict War


LENS, France — The nightmare images come one after another: Three women, half-clothed, one with her legs spread open, lie on the floor, apparently raped; the naked body of a decapitated man hangs from a tree branch, his severed head stuck on a shorter branch; a man hauls a dead woman by her legs, her dress flipped up, exposing her ... Read More »

El Greco: A modern artist in the 16th Century


This year is the 400th anniversary of El Greco’s death but his works can feel shockingly modern. Jason Farago examines how his works influenced Manet, Cézanne, Picasso and Pollock. Few artists stick out from the standard tale of western painting more pointedly than El Greco, the great outlier of the late 16th Century. Deeply religious, passionately single-minded, he merged the ... Read More »

Theatre review: Master Class a masterful tribute to Maria Callas

Maria Mercedes as Maria Callas 2b LL

THEATRE Master Class ★★★★★ Terrence McNally fortyfivedownstairs Until August 28. The fiery Maria Callas – La Divina to her fans – was the ultimate diva as artist. She had a voice that will live forever, and a legend amplified by the essentially tragic arc of her life. Moving from the privations of wartime Greece (Callas performed Fidelio for the Nazis) to the ... Read More »

Master Class | Left Bauer Productions

Maria Mercedes 3c gymni

Initially, I confused Maria Callas with Diamanda Galas. The latter, I thought, would be a great subject for a play. When I realised my mistake I was a little disappointed because although Maria Callas did indeed lead an eventful life and was obviously worthy of celebrating in the form of a play, I don’t really like opera. And after reading ... Read More »

If You Think This Woman Is Enjoying A Nice Swim In The Pool, Think Again

A tiny indoors swimming pool? No, not quite. The woman pictured in a dazzling pool of water is actually a painting by Venezuela-based artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez. Nuñez creates hyperrealistic paintings of swimmers floating and splashing about. His mind-boggling works are so close to reality, it looks like the canvas will come to life and leave you soaking wet. ... Read More »