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Hey Good Lookin’

Numbers on her back 1a LLL

Brain scans show that mathematicians register degrees of beauty when shown formulas When I heard soprano Lianna Levine sing Handel’s cantata Mi palpita il cor (“I feel my heart beating”), tears fell from my eyes. My friend’s voice was so beautiful, so pure, so impassioned, that my own heart was filled with happiness. I did not realize it then, but ... Read More »

Neville Wran’s urban legacy a blight on Sydney

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”We have lost a great mate,” ran the headlines. No doubt it’s true. But Neville Wran’s death, sandwiched as it was between our two defining acronyms, ICAC and ANZAC, should also remind us just what mate culture has cost Australia, Sydney in particular. I often find myself explaining to foreign friends the nuances of the word mate. How tentacled it ... Read More »

Holy fire ceremony draws thousands in Jerusalem as celebration of Easter continues

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THE dark hall inside Christianity’s holiest shrine was illuminated with the flames from thousands of candles on Saturday as worshippers participated in the holy fire ceremony, a momentous spiritual event in Orthodox Easter rites. Christians believe Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected at the site where the Church of the Holy Sepulcher now stands in the Old City of Jerusalem. ... Read More »

Greek FM refers to destruction of Cyprus’ cultural heritage in occupied north

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Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos, speaking before the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg on the return of cultural objects unlawfully removed from the territory of a member state, referred to the need to return the Parthenon marbles to Greece and the damage that Cyprus` cultural treasures have suffered since the 1974 Turkish invasion. He said that the new directive regarding ... Read More »

Entwining Tales of Time, Memory and Love


The Magus of magical realism, Gabriel García Márquez — who died on Thursday at his home in Mexico City, at the age of 87 — used his fecund imagination and exuberant sleight of hand to conjure the miraculous in his fiction: plagues of insomnia and forgetfulness, a cluster of magical grapes containing the secret of death, an all-night rain of yellow ... Read More »

‘Palikari,’ a Greek migrant’s story destined to echo in eternity


The documentary was filmed in a number of locations, including Oakland, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Chicago, Illinois. The filmmakers also visited a number of sites in Colorado, where the Ludlow Massacre took place. These included Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs It could have been a scene from Orthodox Easter anywhere in Greece: Relatives, friends and co-workers gathering ... Read More »

Chinas’ Red Wine Record: A Lucky Challenge


Last year China made an historic step, outdoing France and Italy in the world placement for the biggest consumer of wine: it’s a matter of luck. Who is the biggest consumer of red wine in the world? The Chinese. They drank over 1865 bottles last year. One glass at a time, the Asian giant made an historic step, outdoing France ... Read More »