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Greek singer Demis Roussos dead at 68

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GREEK singer Demis Roussos, whose often high-pitched pop serenades won him household recognition in the 1970s and 1980s across Europe and beyond and who sold more than 60 million records, has died in Athens at the age of 68, a hospital confirmed. Herald Sun AP NEWS CORP AUSTRALIA NETWORK The hospital said the singer died following a lengthy hospitalisation, but ... Read More »

Lego Pompeii creates less pomp and more yay in the museum

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Lego Pompeii was painstakingly recreated from more than 190,000 individual blocks across 470 hours for Sydney University’s Nicholson Museum – it’s the largest model of the ancient city ever constructed out of Lego blocks. The Conversation – Craig Barker There is a mix of ancient and modern elements within the model’s narrative; displaying Pompeii as it was at the moment ... Read More »

Plain cigarette packaging: pro-smoking groups and Ukip condemn move


Nigel Farage says plain packaging plan is ‘appalling intrusion into consumer choice and the operation of the free market’ The Guardian – Matthew Weaver Pro-smoking groups, Ukip and libertarian MPs have all condemned the government’s surprise decision to bring forward a law on plain cigarette packaging before the general election. Health minister Jane Ellison said on Wednesday night that the government ... Read More »

Graeme Hugo, distinguished demographer and academic, dies aged 68

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One of Australia’s most distinguished demographers, Professor Graeme Hugo, has died at the age of 68 after a short illness. ( ABC ) Regarded by his peers and students as an academic giant, the University of Adelaide professor was also director of the Australian Migration and Population Research Centre. Professor Hugo was named an Officer of the Order of Australia ... Read More »

The Gallipoli centenary is a shameful attempt to hide the Armenian Holocaust

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As world leaders plan to commemorate the First World War battle for Gallipoli, another horrific anniversary risks being overlooked. The Independent – ROBERT FISK When world leaders, including Prince Charles and the Australian and New Zealand prime ministers, gather at Gallipoli to commemorate the First World War battle at the invitation of the Turkish government in April, the ghosts of one ... Read More »

Vale Kostas Nikolopoulos

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“Institutions and organizations are not eternal. People are.” Agora Dialogue – Dean Kalimniou It was with these words that the late and much lamented journalist Kostas Nikolopoulos accosted at me at the Greek Film Festival last year, Kostas’ propensity to apparate seemingly out of the ether, flash a smile as enigmatic as that of a Cheshire cat, pose a contentious ... Read More »

PM’s office in bizarre cover-up over chat with Dave Warner

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IT’S the curious case of why the Prime Minister’s office lied. The Australian – Neil Breen On January 1, Prime Minister Tony Abbott hosted the Australian and Indian cricket teams at Kirribilli House. It is a yearly event leading up to the annual SCG New Year’s Test. As usual, when attending a function at the Prime Minister’s Sydney residence, the guests ... Read More »

Shakespear of Arabia

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Britain’s ties with Saudi Arabia stem from the exploits of a dashing diplomat, Capt William Shakespear – an explorer and pioneering photographer. If he hadn’t met an early death while photographing a desert battle scene, asks Matthew Teller, would we now know him as Shakespear of Arabia? BBC A hundred years ago this week, the camel-mounted armies of Abdulaziz – ... Read More »

Yes they can: women of wit are winning

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Remember when Christopher Hitchens puzzled over the great question of the lack of female comics?  He earnestly investigated the reasons for the alleged “humour gap”  in Vanity Fair, asking: “Why are men, taken on average and as a whole, funnier than women?” The Sydney Morning Herald - Julia Baird I thought of Hitchens during the Golden Globes broadcast this week and wondered ... Read More »