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Sweden will make a gender-neutral pronoun official by adding it to the dictionary

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Sweden has long been progressive on gender egalitarianism, and now its language is officially catching up. SBS – By Meredith Bennett-Smith / Source: Quartz A gender-neutral pronoun, hen wil join its binary counterparts han (he) and hon (she) in the new edition of Sweden’s official dictionary, helping Swedish speakers avoid the sort of linguistic gymnastics common in languages without a gender-neutral alternative. Efficient in a variety of situations, hen, as AFP notes, can be used when you ... Read More »

Turkey, Armenia and beyond

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In 2003-04, the late Turkish Armenian journalist Hrant Dink wrote a series of articles on the psychology of the Armenian diaspora. Hurriyet – William Armstrong – The series, titled “On Armenian Identity,” caused a stir by suggesting that diaspora Armenians were blinded by such hatred that it had become like “poison in their blood.” Rather than waiting for Turkey to change, ... Read More »

This Picasso painting could smash auction record

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CNN – A painting by Pablo Picasso could set a new record for the most expensive art work ever sold at auction. The masterwork, entitled “Les femmes d’Alger (Version “O”)” goes under the hammer in May, according to auction house Christie’s. Christie’s estimates it will sell for $140 million. However, Picasso’s most famous paintings are in high demand and such ... Read More »

Aboriginal legal services call on Federal Government to reverse funding cuts

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Aboriginal legal services that help some of Australia’s most vulnerable people – including a huge number of family violence clients – are facing deep cuts in this year’s federal budget. The Age – Miki Perkins and Jane Lee The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service is bracing for a $500,000-plus funding cut as part of wide-ranging, national cost cutting to indigenous legal assistance ... Read More »

Turkish cartoonists sentenced to jail for insulting Erdoğan

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Two cartoonists for the popular satirical weekly Penguen have been jailed to 11 months in prison, over a satirical piece on free speech in which they were convicted of including a hidden gesture “insulting” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Ayşegül Usta – ISTANBUL – Hurriyet Cartoonists Bahadır Baruter and Özer Aydoğan were sued for the Aug. 21, 2014, cover of ... Read More »

Fraser didn’t move left, the party moved right

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Vale Malcolm Fraser, I didn’t know him well. Who did, really, outside his family? But if I may one brief personal reminiscence, it is of the last time I saw him to speak to for more than a few minutes, about a decade ago when I spoke at the opening dinner of the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival. The Sydney Morning ... Read More »

Elektra/Orestes review – Belvoir strips grandiose Greek legend back to reality

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Belvoir theatre, Sydney Jada Alberts and Anne Louise Sarks’ fast and furious adaptation places ancient ideas of family, love and revenge in the here and now, aided by a terrific cast The Guardian – Alexandra Spring This is how all Greek tragedies should be performed. Belvoir’s new show Elektra / Orestes is fast and furious, packing the Sophoclean epic into just ... Read More »

Malcolm Fraser obituary

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Former Australian prime minister came to power in controversial circumstances after the dismissal of the Whitlam government but became a vocal proponent for progressive causes The Guardian – Christopher Zinn The Australian politician Malcolm Fraser, who has died aged 84, transformed himself from the patrician Liberal behind the historic dismissal of the Labor government in 1975 to a vocal proponent for ... Read More »

The Literature Of Pakistan

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Mohammad Hanif — the darkly funny and talented Pakistani writer — was once asked whether Pakistan’s violent and often oppressive political system was the reason the country was producing such fine novels. You know the expression — the worse the place, the better the literature. Possibly, Hanif replied, but I’d rather have peace and bad books. The Huffington Post – Fatima ... Read More »