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Books that changed me: author Jane Caro

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Jane Caro is a journalist, author, social commentator and long-time advertising copywriter. The Sydney Morning Herald – Her first young-adult novel about Elizabeth I, Just a Girl, was published in 2011 and the sequel, Just a Queen is out this month from UQP. She is at next week’s Sydney Writers’ Festival. Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte I have lost count of ... Read More »

‘England and Other Stories,’ by Graham Swift

England's 1a

Ah, England. The ancestral dream. Democracy and the royals. Tea instead of coffee. Public schools actually private and vice versa. Wit trumping manners, wit trumping all. The stiff upper lip, the stuffed shirt, the punters, the twits, the prats, the genteel poverty, the bed-sits and the below stairs, the drinks parties, the pubs, the absence of a work ethic, the ... Read More »

What it’s like to be a deaf novelist

Sara Novic 1a LLLL

‘Sometimes I turn off my hearing aids and dip below the surface of the sound.’ Sara Nović explains the challenges of being a deaf author and why deafness is still used as a synonym for stupidity The Guardian – Sara Novic My first novel has recently become an audiobook to which I will not listen. The characters have been assigned voices ... Read More »

France to ban food waste in supermarkets

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Paris: In a rare show of unity France’s parliament has voted unanimously to ban food waste in big supermarkets, notably by outlawing the destruction of unsold food products. “It’s scandalous to see bleach being poured into supermarket dustbins along with edible foods,” Socialist member of parliament Guillaume Garot, who sponsored the bill, said on Thursday. Under the new legislation, supermarkets will ... Read More »

Why Palmyra Is So Important

Palmyra Archaeological site 2b LLLLLLLL amphitheatre

International attention on its invaluable antiquities, now at risk with the Syrian city overrun by ISIS, may do more harm than good. The Atlantic ADAM CHANDLER After Islamic State forces apparently wrested control of the Syrian city of Palmyra—their second large territorial gain this week—the big news didn’t seem to be thereported entrapment of two-thirds of the city’s 200,000 residents. ... Read More »

What’s the best, most effective way to take notes?

Notes 3c

If it feels like you forget new information almost as quickly as you hear it, even if you write it down, that’s because we tend to lose almost 40% of new information within the first 24 hours of first reading or hearing it. The Conversation – Claire Brown * If we take notes effectively, however, we can retain and retrieve almost ... Read More »

Don’t panic: the ‘ice pandemic’ is a myth

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The other morning my eight-year-old asked me why people who take ice are violent. She had just heard the federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, on the radio talking about the latest police statistics on illicit drugs. The Age - John Fitzgerald * I found myself in a situation where I had to explain the difference between telling the whole truth and ... Read More »

Breaking the chains

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In thrall to an ancient religious law, Jewish women face a lifetime in limbo when their husbands refuse to hand over a special divorce certificate. The Sydney Morning Herald - John Safran Hundreds of Jewish women stare down at a rabbi in a school hall. The Victorian chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia has called a meeting tonight to discuss agunot, ... Read More »