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What Armenian genocide? “The Water Diviner,” Russell Crowe’s disgraceful Turkish fantasy

Russell Crowe in The Water Diviner 1a LLLLL

The star’s directing debut might just be a sentimental throwaway — if it didn’t whitewash a major historical crime. Salon - ANDREW O’HEHIR So “The Water Diviner” is a saga of war and fatherhood and beautiful scenery and implausibly hot young Turkish widows. It’s a standard-issue Hollywood blend of Orientalism and sentimentality, roughly two parts romantic adventure, two parts family weeper ... Read More »

Religious belief cost a baby its life. What a waste. What an idiot

Pregnant woman 3c LLLL

Today the child would have been in Year 1. A happy six-year-old, covered in a constant smile because of school holidays. Maybe they would have gone to the Easter Show, or camping for the soggy long weekend. No doubt they would have consumed far too much chocolate on Sunday, like many excited youngsters around the world did, and had the ... Read More »

Strange Cities @ Onassis Cultural Centre

Strange Cities 1a Athens

The project Strange Cities: Athens will open at the Onassis Cultural Centre (OCC) on April 20 and will run through to June 28. The interesting aspect of this exhibition is that all participating artists are called to create their one image of Athens, on one strange condition: that they have never seen it! Their only guide is the so-called “inspiration ... Read More »

Women, Violence and Conflict in Pakistan

Empower Women 1a Pakistan LLLL ICG

Islamabad/Brussels – Asia Report N°265 – ICG EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS Eight years into its democratic transition, violence against women is still endemic in Pakistan, amid a climate of impunity and state inaction. Discriminatory legislation and a dysfunctional criminal justice system have put women at grave risk. Targeted by violent extremists with an overt agenda of gender repression, women’s security is ... Read More »

When a mother’s rights clash with the needs of her unborn child

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Pregnant Jehovah’s Witness’ decision to refuse treatment ‘harrowing’ for hospital staff after mother and baby die The recent report of case of a pregnant woman who refused life-saving cancer treatment while heavily pregnant has once again ignited debate within the community about how we should resolve conflicts between a mother’s rights and those of her unborn child. The Canberra Times ... Read More »

Scots boys got into Sydney University without HSC

The Scots College 1a LLLL

EXCLUSIVE Students from the elite Scots College have gained entry to the University of Sydney without sitting the Higher School Certificate, completing instead a 17-week diploma that is available at no other school. The Sydney Morning Herald - Rick Feneley, News and features writer The pilot program, devised by the university’s commercially driven arm Sydney Learning, sparked outrage among some university staff, ... Read More »

The Byzantines Of Cornwall

Jio 1a

In the common consciousness of the Greeks, Byzantium and its last ruling dynasty, the Palaeologus family came to an end on 29 May 1453, when the last Emperor, Constantine Palaeologus, fell in battle, fighting Mehmet the Conqueror and his marauding hordes. Dean Kalimniou Constantine’s body was never found giving rise to the popular legend that an angel had taken him ... Read More »

Yiddish singer brings to life voices silenced by the Holocaust

Bente Kahan 1a LLLLLL

Norwegian Bente Kahan will appear in Tel Aviv and London this month to commemorate 70 years to the liberation of Bergen-Belsen. The Times Of Israel – BY JENNI FRAZER LONDON — For Israelis and Anglos alike, Bente Kahan’s multi-lingual abilities are a thing of wonder. Born and raised in Norway, a graduate in performing arts at Tel Aviv University and at New York’s ... Read More »