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Close-Up Aerial Photos of Africa’s Last Elephants


Zakouma National Park in southern Chad is famous for its large, free roaming herds of elephants. This has made it a honeypot for poachers. From 2005 to 2010, demand for ivory has reduced the park’s elephant population from over 4,000 to about 450 individuals. In a visit earlier this year, Kate Brooks took these beautiful aerial pictures of the park ... Read More »

Jesus Was Crucified Because Disciples Were Armed, Bible Analysis Suggests


Jesus may have been crucified because his followers were carrying weapons, according to a scholarly analysis of New Testament books. Dale Martin, a professor of religious studies at Yale University, says that this aspect of stories about Jesus, as told in the gospels, has received too little attention, but could alone explain Jesus’s execution and also show that the man ... Read More »

Futuristic “Exosuit” Helps Explore Ancient Computer Shipwreck


The ancient computer device, called the Antikythera Mechanism—not to be confused with the world’s first “iPad” (see “Ancient ‘iPad’ Uncovered in Byzantine Shipwreck“)—is an astrological clock dating to the second century BCE. A highly complex device used to track the motion of the planets, it features at least 40 bronze cogs and gears and would not be matched by later Europeans for ... Read More »

Iranian photographer returns €50,000 prize


A row has erupted between the Paris-based Fondation Carmignac and the Iranian artist Newsha Tavakolian, who stepped down as the winner of the foundation’s photojournalism award and returned the €50,000 purse. Tavakolian says the organisation’s founder Edouard Carmignac interfered with her work, while the foundation argues that she did not respect the terms of the prize and has cancelled a ... Read More »

Tolerance is more than putting up with things – it’s a moral virtue

Fairness 1a LLLLLLL

We hear a lot about tolerance these days. Tolerance is a moral virtue best placed within the moral domain – but unfortunately it is often confounded with prejudice. Much of the psychological research about tolerance generally and about the development of children’s understanding of tolerance of others who are different from them has been examined through research about prejudice – ... Read More »

Humans of New York project exposes hopes and fears in the Middle East


STORY HIGHLIGHTS Brandon Stanton launched Humans of New York blog Partnering with U.N., he’s on a world tour that started in Iraq and Jordan His mini narratives reveal the struggles and dreams of ordinary people (CNN) — Four years ago, Brandon Stanton became New York City’s unofficial photo-chronicler. With his blog, Humans of New York — which has over eight ... Read More »

Website of the day: BBC iWonder


Imagine a place where you could go with those nagging questions. The ones that keep you awake just a little later than you’d like. The ones that get you and your friends into heated discussions around the water cooler or pub table. Well, you might think that the internet is just the place, right? Yes and no. Some of it ... Read More »

ISIS Cuts Art, Music, and History Education in Iraq


The school year began September 9 in Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)-occupied Mosul, Iraq, where extremists have eliminated art, music, history, literature, and classes about Christianity from the curriculum, reports CBS. So far, families in the second-largest city in Iraq have responded by keeping their children home. Homeschooling has become a popular option. “What’s important to us now is ... Read More »