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Ai Weiwei finds ‘listening devices’ hidden in Beijing studio

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Dissident artist posts images of suspected bugs on Instagram after returning to China following first overseas trip in four years The Guardian – Fergus Ryan in Beijing Dissident artist Ai Weiwei has returned to China after his first overseas trip in four years and discovered what appear to be listening devices hidden in his studio. In a series of Instagram ... Read More »

A sad day for our Europa Donna Cyprus family

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Today is a sad day for our Europa Donna Cyprus family. We lost one of our founding members and member of our Board for the last 15 years, Eleni Kourri, our Nitsa. I choose to write this in English to share this sad news with our Europa Donna European family as Nitsa was an active ED member attending the advocacy ... Read More »

A northern Barossa Valley shiraz has been named best in the world

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WA wineries hammer SA at Adelaide wine show INTERACTIVE Tony Love’s top 100 wines – shiraz A TINY vineyard in the back blocks between Truro and Kapunda in the northern Barossa districts has blitzed the rest of the wine world with a red wine judged to be the best shiraz on the planet. Tony Love, National Wine Writer From: The ... Read More »

A Strangeness in My Mind’ by Orhan Pamuk

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Orhan Pamuk’s latest novel is a sprawling 600-page, 40-year saga based on the life of a poor street vendor in Istanbul. At its best, “A Strangeness in My Mind” almost does for modern Istanbul what Dickens did for Victorian London – combining a richly rewarding private story with social insight. It may not be Pamuk’s most sophisticated work, but it ... Read More »

Simshar: Malta’s first Oscar contender a harrowing tale of high-sea drama

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Trailer: Simshar Video ””” Based on astonishing true events, ‘Simshar’ tells two parallel stories of survival at sea which unravel on and around the Maltese islands.””” The Age – Philippa Hawker, Film and arts writer When it comes to movie-making, Malta has blockbuster connections. Hollywood comes calling because it’s an ideal location for films set in the ancient world – ... Read More »

Sweden is shifting to a 6-hour work day

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*Packs up life, books plane ticket* BEC CREW – Science alert Despite research telling us it’s a really bad idea, many of us end up working 50-hour weeks or more because we think we’ll get more done and reap the benefits later. And according to a study published last month involving 600,000 people, those of us who clock up a ... Read More »

Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth: visually magnificent but dramatically unsatisfying

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The history of cinematic adaptations of Shakespeare is a long and varied one, containing films ranging from the stagy and faithful to the hip and loose. The Conversation – Ari Mattes, Lecturer in Media Studies, University of Notre Dame Australia  Disclosure statement: Ari Mattes does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization ... Read More »

Turkey’s Refugee Scam

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Turkish government allows African migrants easy access to Europe’s borders. FrontPageMag – Stephen Brown As if Europe’s refugee burden wasn’t crushing enough, the British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, reported recently that Turkey is deliberately adding fuel to the spreading fire. According to the Telegraph, the European Union border agency, Frontex, is claiming that Turkey is responsible for an upsurge in ... Read More »

Australian filmmaker Christopher Doyle films Hong Kong’s ‘umbrella revolution’

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Hong Kong rejects heavy-handed police response to protesters Umbrella symbol becomes an online meme Hong Kong:  Christopher Doyle never set out to make an overtly political film about the surging protest movement which saw hundreds of thousands take to Hong Kong’s streets. The Australian cinematographer and filmmaker, best known for his visually sumptuous collaborations with legendary auteur Wong Kar-wai, had begun ... Read More »

Lucy Turnbull on why female-friendly cities are better for everyone

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Turnbull’s thinktank, Committee for Sydney, is pushing for planners and designers to ensure women and children can get the most out of cities The Guardian – Melissa Davey @MelissaLDavey The chair of the thinktank Committee for Sydney, Lucy Turnbull, has called on city planners and designers to make building female-friendly cities a core component of urban renewal. “If a city is ... Read More »

Ask Well: Alcoholism and Depression

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Is alcoholism a form of depression or does it cause depression in those genetically susceptible? Can you be an alcoholic and not suffer from depression? Reader Question • 1215 votes – Ask Well The New York Times – By Karen Weintraub   Alcoholism is not a form of depression, but both are quite common, and there is plenty of overlap between ... Read More »

Swiss officials quiz Fifa President Sepp Blatter

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Swiss prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into Sepp Blatter, the head of the world football body Fifa. BBC – The attorney general’s office said he was being investigated “on suspicion of criminal mismanagement as well as – alternatively – on suspicion of misappropriation”. It said Mr Blatter was currently being questioned. Earlier, Fifa cancelled a press conference at its ... Read More »