How Europe boosts Russia-Turkey ties

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The Russian-Turkish tandem has re-emerged with the two countries’ reconciliation, after seven months of glacial relations following Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet on its… Maria Dubovikova Arab News  That is not to say Ankara and Moscow see eye to eye on everything, but they realize that they need each… Turkey has to… How Europe boosts… Read More »

Making Athens Great Again

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How does a citizen respond when a democracy that prides itself on being exceptional betrays its highest principles? REBECCA NEWBERGER GOLDSTEIN The Atlantic Plato despaired, but he also pointed the way to renewal. What happens when a society, once a model for enlightened progress, threatens to… Making Athens Great… Read More »

New Libyan Militia’s Oil Strike Risks Wider Conflagration

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Libyan factions are once again fighting for control of key oil installations in the Gulf of Sirte’s “oil crescent”. Claudia Gazzini ICG The latest offensive risks reducing Libya’s oil production and is undermining efforts to broker a peace deal. In this Q&A Claudia Gazzini, Senior Analyst for Libya, assesses the fallout. New Libyan Militia’s… Read More »

Collapse of European Security: Huge Responsibilities of Angela Merkel

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The article below is very informative and eloquent in analyzing Europe’s fundamental security concerns. Dr Yiorghos Leventis * It appeared in the Greek website on 7 January 2017. The author is Ioannis Michaletos. It is an excellent piece of analysis. Michaletos makes very valid points. The article deserves reaching international audience. I took the effort to render it in English: Throughout the so-called Arab Spring, all reliable organizations, state as well as NGOs issued a worldwide warning for serious risks emanating from ... Read More »

Kim Jong-nam’s Assassination Is a Wake-Up Call to the World

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“The North Korean regime is not simply a pariah to be ridiculed, but a dangerous threat to the world.” Jose Ramos-Horta and Benedict Rogers The Diplomat The assassination of Kim Jong-nam in Kuala Lumpur airport two weeks ago is a reminder of the depravity and barbarity of his half-brother, North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un, and the world’s most… Kim Jong-nam’s… Read More »

Kenya: Avoiding Another Electoral Crisis

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Political tensions are rising in Kenya ahead of elections in August for the presidency and other senior… Murithi Mutiga ICG Measures taken now can avert the risk of a repeat of electoral violence that killed hundreds of people in… Kenyans go to the polls in August, and fierce contests are likely in the race for the… Kenya: Avoiding Another… Read More »

Lessons from the Greek Crisis

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The Greek crisis: the debate continues The   Greek crisis which erupted in 2009 and is still underway will undoubtedly be the subject of many analyses and studies in the years to come. Prof. Louka T. Katseli GAC  March 1, 2016 Economists, political scientists, public policy analysts and experts on European  governance and policy making will continue to debate the nature and origins  of the crisis, the effectiveness of  the policies pursued by successive  Greek governments  and the role of  the ... Read More »

Niger and Boko Haram: Beyond Counter-insurgency

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The struggle against Boko Haram in south-eastern Niger is increasingly sharpening local conflicts over access to… ICG There is no military solution to this insurgency, and the authorities should instead put the emphasis on demobilising militants, solving local conflicts, reinvigorating the economy and… Niger and Boko… Read More »

How Do You Solve a Problem Like North Korea?

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How to solve the DPRK problem: a little less diplomatic conversation, a little more action. Daniel R. DePetris The National Interest How does one punish a country that is the most diplomatically isolated in the world, already sanctioned to the teeth, but seemingly immune to the… How Do You… Read More »

China Wants to Turn Water Into Territory in the South China Sea (and Beyond)

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Why the world should be concerned James Holmes The National Security China’s longstanding campaign to redefine water as territory—territory where the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) fiat is law—proceeds… Lovers of maritime freedom must reject this campaign in all its… China Wants to… Read More »

The truth about refugees in Sweden

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It was the early 1990s. I was prime minister of Sweden and near Christmas I was visiting our soldiers serving with the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Croatia Carl Bildt * The Washington Post War was raging in Bosnia, and so I ventured down to the bridge on the border between the two countries. Bus after bus with desperate refugees was crossing over. The ethnic cleansing of western Bosnia was in its final stages. At home we struggled with both ... Read More »

Watchmen of Lake Chad: Vigilante Groups Fighting Boko Haram

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Regional armies in the Lake Chad basin deploy vigilantes to sharpen campaigns against Boko Haram insurgents… ICG But using these militias creates risks as combatants turn to communal violence and organised crime… Over the long term they must be disbanded or regulated… Watchmen of Lake… Read More »

The Regional Risks to Somalia’s Moment of Hope

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Eruptions of joy across the Somali-speaking Horn of Africa greeted the election of President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo, but to deliver a cure for Somalia’s chronic ills he will need to counter distrust in neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya and… ICG The election of Somalia’s new President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo offers the country’s international partners a… The Regional Risks… Read More »

Socialism’s Return

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After more than a half-century in the wilderness, the socialist left reemerges in America. Patrick Iber  The Nation For the American left, 2016 proved to be a year with a cruel twist ending. In the first few months, a self-
described democratic socialist by the name of Bernie Sanders mounted a surprisingly… Socialism’s Return… Read More »

China Cannot Be Expected to Punish North Korea

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In fact, China might exploit U.S. beliefs about its ability to control North Korea. Joel Wuthnow The National Interest North Korea’s recent ballistic missile launch—the first to occur during the Trump administration—once again raises the question of how the United States should handle the North Korean nuclear program, and… China Cannot Be… Read More »

Tony Blair’s Big Brexit Speech: How The Former PM Started His Comeback Tour

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Analysis of how the ex-PM got the Remainers rocking again Paul Waugh  The Huffington Post For the rapt audience in Bloomberg’s hi-tech conference room, this was as close as it gets to political.. And like fans of an ageing rock star kicking off his comeback tour, the Labour, Lib Dem and City slicker Remainers couldn’t take their eyes off their… Tony Blair’s Big… Read More »