The Iranian Moment and Turkey

Turkey is in a critical position as a consequence of both its proximity to multiple crises and its unique exposure to deteriorating security relationships in both the south and the east. It must keep regional conflicts from further undermining the country’s internal security. It must also strengthen ties to NATO and EU partners whose demands on Turkey are set to increase, but… Source: The Iranian Moment and Turkey | The German Marshall Fund of the United States Read More »

Don’t Rock the Boat: How Long Can Putin Avoid Capsizing?

What will the Russian political landscape look like a decade from now? Is Russia slipping back to the Soviet past or evolving toward greater authoritarianism and aggression? Are those predicting revolution right to see the nucleus of change in civil activism and a new wave of democracy in labor protests? For all the differences in opinion, there is no doubt that a political transition is looming. The question is when… Source: Don’t Rock the Boat: How Long Can Putin Avoid ... Read More »

China and US tensions: what are the sticking points

Analysis Beijing: A cornerstone of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, the United States’ strategic ‘pivot’ to Asia has long been seen by Beijing as a cynical ploy to counter its rise. This week Barack Obama made history by announcing the lifting of a decades-old US arms embargo on Vietnam, its former Cold War enemy, a move sure to raise eyebrows in China. Entering the final months of his presidency, Obama is in Vietnam and Japan to underscore Washington’s commitment to the region, putting potential ... Read More »

The Left on the Run in Latin America

In 2004, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, launched the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas, a regional alliance of leftist leaders designed to subvert a hemispheric free trade agreement that the United States had been pushing for a decade. In the years that followed, Washington’s hope of a trade pact of 34 nations faded, and its clout in the region diminished as… Source: The Left on the Run in Latin America – ... Read More »

What China Knows about Africa That the West Doesn’t

Europe has always misunderstood what Africans want.. “Take up the White Man’s burden, Send forth the best ye breed Go bind your sons to exile, to serve your captives’ need;” —Rudyard Kipling Throughout the last five centuries, Africa has existed in the Western imagination between two polarized extremes. One is the Africa that exists as treasure trove of spoils, a source of slaves to take as free labor, and a vast land full of natural riches for the taking. The ... Read More »

WTF is TTIP? The EU-US trade deal explained

Proponents of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership say it will boost economies – Ireland’s in particular. So why are people so suspicious of it? It was June 2013 and Ireland was nearing the end of its six-month presidency of the European Union. At a meeting in Luxembourg, the then minister for trade Richard Bruton hailed an historic agreement. After months of behind-the-scenes negotiations, led mostly by… Source: WTF is TTIP? The EU-US trade deal explained Read More »

China reclaims, weaponizes 3,200 acres in S China Sea: Pentagon

(From AP) China has reclaimed more than 3,200 acres of land in the southeastern South China Sea. But the country’s focus has shifted to developing and weaponizing those man-made islands so it will have greater control over the maritime region without resorting to armed conflict, according to a new Pentagon report. In its most detailed assessment to date of China’s island-building program, the Defense Department said three of the land features in the Spratly Islands… Source: China reclaims, weaponizes 3,200 ... Read More »

How Turkey Became A De Facto Dictatorship

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The forced resignation of Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu suggests only one thing—President Erdogan, who is totally absorbed by his lust for power, will tolerate no one in his government to deviate from any of his political positions. Prime Minister Davutoğlu was no exception. Although the Turkish constitution grants the Prime Minister executive powers while leaving the role of the president largely ceremonial, this is not what Erdogan had in mind when he asked then-Foreign Minister Davutoğlu to form a ... Read More »

Can India Balance Between China and America?

Washington wants stronger ties, but New Delhi must remain a swing state.. Ajaya Kumar Das Some in the Indian strategic community believe that recent moves to enhance defense cooperation with the United States could make India, among others, an element in American strategy to limit Beijing’s rising power to the… Source: Can India Balance Between China and America? | The National Interest Read More »

Grim Legacy of VD for Cyprus: Non Implementation of Self-Determination Created Tragedy: Should the UN Legitimize the Travesty?

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Today marks the anniversary of the defeat of Nazism. The 9th of May 1945, Victory Day, marks the date Nazi Germany, bent on subjugating the whole world, was utterly defeated by the Allied Powers. The latter through their commitments signed under both the Atlantic (1941) and the UN Charter (1945) undertook, inter alia, to… Source: Grim Legacy of VD for Cyprus: Non Implementation of Self-Determination Created Tragedy: Should the UN Legitimize the Travesty? | INTERSECURITYFORUM Read More »

Russia beams message into Georgia: ‘You belong to us’

With EU membership a distant prospect, Moscow fires up its propaganda machine in Tbilisi… TBILISI, Georgia — The EU used to be seen here as a beacon of democracy and prosperity. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the prospect of membership fueled reforms all over the region. The allure of today’s European Union, plagued with crisis, appears to be waning… Source: Russia beams message into Georgia: ‘You belong to us’ – POLITICO Read More »

Analysis: UK election results marked by a deceptive stability

Fragmentation of the British political system progresses a stage further in wake of results.. Thursday’s elections have left the Scottish National Party (SNP) in power in Edinburgh, Labour governing in Cardiff, and all but a handful of English councils controlled by the same party as before… Source: Analysis: UK election results marked by a deceptive stability Read More »

China Will Probably Implode

From politics to the economy to the environment, the end may be near.. In July of 2001, Gordon Chang predicted an inevitable meltdown of the Chinese Communist Party in his best-selling book The Coming Collapse of China. Since then, China’s economy has increased by more than eightfold, to surpass even the United States on a purchasing parity power basis. Oops?… Source: China Will Probably Implode | The National Interest Read More »

Economist Paul Craig Roberts: Greece Must Leave the Eurozone to Regain Its Sovereignty

In Greece, the Syriza-led coalition government is now set to agree to new rounds of cuts and privatizations demanded by the country’s lenders. Prior to its initial election in January 2015, Syriza had promised to abolish the country’s loan agreements and austerity policies. Now, unemployment remains at record levels, and the young and educated continue to leave the country, while recent large-scale privatizations such… Source: Economist Paul Craig Roberts: Greece Must Leave the Eurozone to Regain Its Sovereignty Read More »

Boko Haram on the Back Foot?

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Boko Haram is losing ground, resources and fighters. But defeating the group and preventing a future insurgency needs more than military success. The 14 May summit in Abuja is an opportunity for Nigeria and its Lake Chad basin neighbours to prepare and implement what’s been long overdue: a holistic response to the extremist group… Source: Boko Haram on the Back Foot? – International Crisis Group Read More »

The EU – A CIA Covert Operation

The upcoming British referendum on whether to stay in the European Union (EU) represents the culmination of a long term project by the United States to destroy the concept of national sovereignty in the Old World and replace it with a supranational entity with ironclad links to Washington.. Whether that longstanding ambition has succeeded will […] Source: The EU – A CIA Covert Operation – Original by — Read More »