Australia, the sunny pariah

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An ongoing series of odious policy decisions is damaging Australia’s international reputation. Cameron Steer Australia’s actions have often fallen beneath its rhetoric, and white Australia has not atoned for its crimes against indigenous Australians. There are nonetheless many moments in Australia’s history in which Australians can take pride, and which bolstered Australia’s reputation as a good global citizen. The Fraser government resettled over… Read More… Read More »

World Humanitarian Day: Some Things to Consider

As we celebrate World Humanitarian Day on 19 August let us reflect that while international respect for humanitarian principles have regressed in recent years, the impetus and momentum created by the UN’s World Humanitarian Summit offers an opportunity for progress. Let us grasp this opportunity before it is too late. The world is experiencing a series of compounded, prolonged and increasingly conflict-based humanitarian crises. In 2015, over 125 million people required daily emergency food, water and shelter for… Source: World Humanitarian ... Read More »

South Sudan’s Risky Political Impasse

International actors are struggling to respond to the evolving situation in South Sudan, meanwhile regional actors are busy creating facts on the ground.. One year ago, the main warring parties in South Sudan – the government and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-In Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) signed a peace agreement designed to end South Sudan’s nearly two-year civil war. The… Source: South Sudan’s Risky Political Impasse | International Crisis Group Read More »

The Ottoman Caper Part II

A month has passed since the ill-fated coup d’état in Turkey of 15 July. By Dr Bruce Mabley Tens of thousands of suspected Gulenists have been rounded up and either charged by the justice system or relieved of their employment. However, removing Gulenists from the upper-level professions has left the Turkish economy vulnerable to future troubles and could potentially weaken the… Source: The Ottoman Caper Part II – AIIA Read More »

Research Check: is it true only half your friends actually like you?

It seems obvious that your friends would agree they are your friends. But recent findings published in the journal PLOS ONE call this into question. At least that’s the message you would take if you went with popular media coverage of the… Source: Research Check: is it true only half your friends actually like you? Read More »

The Future of the Left in Europe

Austerity is a disaster, so why is the left in disarray? JAMES GALBRAITH In the astonishing aftermath of the Brexit vote, David Cameron, George Osborne, and Nigel Farage are gone, the apparently talented Theresa May is in, Boris Johnson kicked upstairs, austerity is on… Source: The Future of the Left in Europe Read More »

The Philippines’ Misguided Plan to Stop South China Sea Tensions

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Cooperating on oil won’t work – but fishing might. Former Philippine president Fidel Ramos was in Hong Kong earlier this month to meet his “old friends” in hopes of breaking ice with Beijing. In a statement issued Thursday, Ramos and his interlocutors, including prominent Chinese diplomat Fu Ying, said they discussed the… Source: The Philippines’ Misguided Plan to Stop South China Sea Tensions | International Crisis Group Read More »

Our planet is heating – the empirical evidence

In an entertaining and somewhat chaotic episode of ABC’s Q&A (Monday 15th August) pitting science superstar Brian Cox against climate contrarian and global conspiracy theorist and now senator Malcolm Roberts, the question of cause and effect and empirical data was raised repeatedly in regard to climate change. Watching I pondered the question – what would I need to change my… Source: Our planet is heating – the empirical evidence Read More »

Peace, Sex and Violence in Mindanao

Strong women’s participation in the Mindanao peace process in the Philippines has been hailed as an international success story. However, lasting peace requires a greater focus on sexual and reproductive health to overcome the post-conflict marginalisation of vulnerable women and girls. According to a UN Women study, between 1990 and 2011 across 31 peace processes that the UN was involved in, women represented just 2 per cent of chief mediators, 4 per cent of witnesses and signatories, and 9 per ... Read More »

Fractured Lands: How the Arab world came apart

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This is a story unlike any we have previously published It is much longer than the typical New York Times Magazine feature story; in print, it occupies an entire issue. By Scott Anderson Photographs By Paolo Pellegrin The product of some 18 months of reporting, it tells the story of the catastrophe that has fractured the Arab world since the invasion of Iraq 13 years ago, leading to the… Fractured Lands: How… Read More »

Israel’s World Vision Allegation, Part 2: Shin Bet And The Civilians Of Gaza

The agency has a record of targeting activists to help sustain the inhumane siege of Gaza, writes Michael Brull. (Read Part 1 here.) As almost all Palestinians facing military courts are convicted, and most of those convictions are based on confessions, either Palestinians have a bizarre propensity to incriminate themselves, or the… Source: Israel’s World Vision Allegation, Part 2: Shin Bet And The Civilians Of Gaza – New Matilda Read More »

Pragmatic Primacy

It’s not a miracle cure, but provides the best chance to reestablish America’s purpose in a complex world. Barry F. Lowenkron, Mitchell B. Reiss THE NEXT administration will confront the paradox of American power: unparalleled strength, but a… Source: Pragmatic Primacy | The National Interest Read More »

Lessons from the Turkish Coup Attempt

PINAR TANK Turkey’s failed coup attempt suggests the military’s political role has reached a nadir, but politicization of the institution continues. The shockwaves that followed the coup attempt in Turkey on July 15 suggest that Turkish society has developed a strong resistance to one of… Source: Lessons from the Turkish Coup Attempt – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Read More »

Did Turkey’s Moves Toward Russia Provoke The Coup?

Erdogan’s move towards Putin began before the failed attempt. Bruno Macaes It’s been almost a month since the failed coup in Turkey, yet the mystery persists. Who was behind it and why did it take place? The only hard evidence as to the intentions of the putschists is of course the statement read on television the very night of the coup, but that statement was carefully crafted to… Source: Did Turkey’s Moves Toward Russia Provoke The Coup? | The National ... Read More »

Russia Keeps Its Friends Close and Turkey Closer

Henry Kissinger reminds us that in international relations, states do not have permanent friends or enemies, only interests. That lesson reverberated Tuesday in St. Petersburg, where Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan let bygones be bygones with his “dear friend, the esteemed Vladimir” in an ironic (and somewhat excessive) display of diplomatic reconciliation. Over the course of only seven months, Turkey and Russia have gone from ranking each other as public enemy No. 1 to catching up as old friends. Erdogan ... Read More »

The Daily 202: Why some Republican politicians are really coming out against Trump

By James Hohmann THE BIG IDEA: — The most important storyline of August is how many Republicans come out against their party’s nominee. If the base fractures, Donald Trump is doomed. So far, while a string of elites and vulnerable incumbents in blue states have defected, the grassroots… Source: The Daily 202: Why some Republican politicians are really coming out against Trump – The Washington Post Read More »