Russian Church Leader Deems Contemporary Art “Filth and Stupidity”


The leader of Russia’s Orthodox church, Patriarch Kirill I, has some rather, uh, unorthodox views about the state of contemporary art. As reported by the Moscow Times (via RIA Novosti), Kirill’s remarks at an Orthodox festival on Wednesday included a scathing critique of the contemporary arts, which he believes “show some horrors, some nonsense, idiocy.” Kirill apparently doesn’t want to be challenged by culture, ... Read More »

The Emma Watson nude photos hoax shames our ‘news’ culture

Emma Watson

The global news agenda is now regularly held hostage by small bands of loud but tech-savvy idiots. We can do better than this The internet is eating itself. This week’s cycle of backlash and counter-backlash has swirled around Emma Watson and a string of apparent threats of public humiliation made against her after she addressed the UNon feminism and gender equality. Shortly after Watson ... Read More »

Caution advised on terror laws

Numan 1a

Terror-related violence has come to Australia, but we must not let fear override our freedoms, experts warn. Two law enforcement officers lie in hospital and an 18-year-old man is dead after warnings about a lone wolf terrorist attack became reality outside a Melbourne police station on Tuesday night. Police claim that Numan Haider, an 18-year-old man of Afghan descent with alleged terrorist links, ... Read More »

First major exhibition devoted to Niki de Saint Phalle in twenty years opens in Paris


PARIS.- Niki de Saint Phalle (1930 – 2002) is one of the most renowned artists from the mid-twentieth century. Throughout her prolific career, Saint Phalle created a complex body of work in various media which was deeply embedded with socio-political issues. With themes ranging from joyful to profound to intellectual, the paradoxal nature of her work has yet to be ... Read More »

Does Human Rights Watch Understand the Nature of Prejudice?


A powerful advocate appears to believe that anti-Semitism is sparked in part by Jewish behavior. A few days ago, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth,tweeted the following statement: “Germans rally against anti-Semitism that flared in Europe in response to Israel’s conduct in Gaza war. Merkel joins.” Roth provided a link to a New York Times article about the rally, which took ... Read More »

Some Final Words on New Zealand’s Crazy Election Campaign


The 2014 New Zealand election has been overrun by grubby scandals, mass surveillance accusations, hackers, bloggers, spies, political black ops, indigenous Maori radicals, and a larger-than-life German internet millionaire by the name of Kim Dotcom. New Zealand, with its population of just under 4.5 million, has never seen anything like it. Unsurprisingly these ructions are causing consternation among the political and media classes. The six year honeymoon ... Read More »

Nurse says she’s tired of treating ISIL terrorists

ISIL fighters 2b LLLLLL

A nurse who works at a private hospital in Mersin, a city and province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, has told Turkish authorities and Parliament that she is sick and tired of treating members of the terrorist organization the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which now calls itself the “Islamic State.” Comments The nurse, who was ... Read More »

Art judge declines to award Indigenous prize because quality ‘not good enough’


‘There was absolutely nothing fresh or original,’ said Perpetua Durack Clancy, defending her decision The cash winnings for an Aboriginal art prize which the judge declined to award because she didn’t think the quality of entrants was good enough will be rolled over to next year, doubling to $2,000. The Shinju Matsuri board made the announcement after the controversy caused ... Read More »