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The War In Yemen Is Turning To Genocide, And Australia Is Quietly Supporting It

Yemen - New Matilda

Our silence as a nation is destroyed – and innocent men, women and children slaughtered – is deafening, writes Michael Brull. Michael Brull New Matilda Yemen is being destroyed. Perhaps half a million children face severe malnutrition. Almost seven million… The War In… Read More »

S Sudan not facing ‘genocide’, but violence is constant

Sudan - Al Jazeera

Constant talk of genocide blurs more prevalent forms of violence that are prolonging the bloodshed in the country. Zachariah Mampilly Al Jazeera News On New Year’s day, I boarded an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Entebbe, Uganda. Formally dressed members of the South Sudanese diaspora crowded the propeller plane alongside businessmen from Uganda, Kenya and South India. We were headed… S Sudan not facing… Read More »

Age of Anger

War - Asia Time

A lethal weapon in the hearts and minds of a rootless cosmopolitan Teenage Wasteland striving to find its true call as we slouch through the longest of world wars. Pepe Escobar Asia Times Every once in a (long) while a book comes out that rips the zeitgeist, shining on like a crazy diamond. Age of Anger, by… Age of… Read More »

Clemency for Chelsea Manning – but will Assange or Snowden also find the US merciful?

Manning - The Conversation

US President Barack Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning. Amy Maguire The Conversation A former army intelligence operative, Manning was sentenced by court martial in 2013 to 35 years’ imprisonment for espionage crimes relating to the mass leaking of military and diplomatic material. She will now be released in… Clemency for Chelsea Manning… Read More »

Ethiopia: Ethnic nationalism and the Gondar protests

Ethipia - Al Jazeera

An analysis on what the rising ethnic nationalism among the historically powerful Amhara means for the country’s future. Kalkidan Yibeltal Al Jazeera News Amba Giorgis, Ethiopia – Etenesh* sits alone on a worn cow skin in her mud-walled home in Amba Giorgis, a small Ethiopian market town in the northerly Amhara region. Her husband, a merchant… Ethiopia: Ethnic nationalism… Read More »

Jacqui Lambie demands pre-emptive pardons for Australians accused of war crimes

Jaqui Lambie 1a LLLL

Former soldier-turned-independent senator Jacqui Lambie is demanding a pre-emptive pardon for any defence personnel accused of war crimes against the Taliban or Islamic State. By Defence reporter Andrew Greene Her call comes a week after the ABC revealed a secretive Defence review of Australia’s special forces has begun hearing allegations of… Jacqui Lambie demands… Read More »

Tony Blair voices anger at pursuit of British soldiers for alleged war abuses

Taun 1a

Former prime minister says such investigations should never have happened and that soldiers and their families should not face such an ordeal Press Association Tony Blair has added his voice to the mounting criticism of investigations into British troops facing allegations of serious misconduct in Iraq or Afghanistan… Source: Tony Blair voices anger at pursuit of British soldiers for alleged war abuses | Politics | The Guardian Read More »

Germany to start trials over Syrian war crimes, as refugee influx brings suspects into country

Germany will this week start its first war crimes trial over Syrian atrocities, as a mass refugee influx brings suspects into the country. Aria L., a 21-year-old German national and suspected jihadist, posted on Facebook photos of himself posing next to two decapitated heads in Syria — and his case is not the only one from the war-torn country to occupy German justice… Source: Germany to start trials over Syrian war crimes, as refugee influx brings suspects into country – ... Read More »

Amnesty urges Nigeria to ‘come clean’ over Shiite killings

Amnesty International says satellite footage and witness accounts offer damning new evidence that Nigeria s military killed hundreds of minority Shiite Muslims late last year. The Dec. 12-14 massacre in the northern town of Zaria is currently the subject of a government inquiry… Source: Amnesty urges Nigeria to ‘come clean’ over Shiite killings – AFRICA Read More »