Guerilla war

ISIL growing ambitions: Jihadist threat inches closer to Baghdad


In perhaps most worrying sign of ISIL’s capabilities, anti-government fighters parade in broad daylight in Abu Ghraib, just 20 kilometres from capital. A powerful jihadist group inspired by Al-Qaeda has opened a new battlefront with Iraqi security forces that could see it try to push into Baghdad, officials and analysts warn. The latest clashes, just weeks before parliamentary elections, raise ... Read More »

Armed Groups and the Challenges for Security in Colombia


The Colombian conflict has changed in the past few years, as leftist guerrilla groups lost some of their military strength and emerging organised crime groups added complexity to the security environment. The ranks of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have been reduced and their operations have become less centralised. However, FARC’s grip on illegal mining and the transnational ... Read More »

Militant base ‘attacked from sea’ in Somalia

Unidentified foreign forces have launched a night-time raid on a militant base in the south Somali town of Barawe from the sea, reports say. A spokesman for the al-Shabab Islamist group told Reuters news agency that a fighter had been killed in the raid. Reports speak of residents in the militant-controlled town being woken by heavy gunfire before dawn prayers. ... Read More »

Crackdown brings apparent lull in Karachi violence

Rampant violence has terrorised Karachi, Pakistan’s biggest city and economic heartbeat, in recent years, but a recent security crackdown seems to have brought a lull in the bloodshed. Kidnappings for ransom, sectarian attacks and gang warfare have spiralled since 2008, terrifying the city‘s 18 million inhabitants and prompting tens of thousands of businessmen to flee to the safety of Punjab ... Read More »

UN urges Tuareg rebels to resume Mali peace talks

The UN’s envoy to Mali, Bert Koenders, on Friday urged Tuareg and Arab rebels to return to peace talks with the Bamako government, amid a resurgence of violence in the north of the country. Photo:United Nations Special Envoy to Mali (MINUSMA) Bert Koenders answers the media following a meeting with Burkina Faso’s President on October 4, 2013 in Ouagadougou The ... Read More »

Colombian government ‘ready to reintegrate rebels’

Colombia has said it is ready to reintegrate thousands of demobilised rebels into society, as peace talks between Farc rebels and government negotiators enter their 15th round. The Colombian Agency for Reintegration (ACR) director said the body could look after double the number of demobilised rebels it currently mentored. Director Alejandro Eder told the BBC it had an “emergency reaction ... Read More »

Violence Between Buddhists and Muslims in Western Myanmar Kills Six

A resurgence of religious violence in western Myanmar this week has left six Muslims dead and dozens of homes destroyed, a senior police officer said Wednesday. The deaths and the torching of houses in and around the city of Thandwe occurred on Tuesday, just hours before President U Thein Sein arrived in the restive area on Wednesday as part of ... Read More »

In Myanmar, Sectarian Tension Rises As Buddhist Mob Torches Muslim Houses

YANGON – Terrified Muslims hid in their  homes in northwest Myanmar on Monday after armed police  dispersed a Buddhist mob that torched houses and surrounded a  mosque in the latest outbreak of sectarian tension. Clashes between majority Buddhists and Muslims have killed  at least 237 people and left more than 150,000 homeless since  June 2012. The violence threatens to undermine ... Read More »

Ahmed Abdi Godane Is Al-Shabab’s Osama bin Laden

Two days before gunmen launched their deadly raid on the upscale Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, killing at least 68 and wounding nearly 200, the Al-Shabab leader who dispatched them was denounced by a prominent member of the Somali-based militant group as too ruthless and power hungry—even for him. On Somali websites, former Al-Shabab deputy leader Abu Mansur condemned the ... Read More »