Domestic Violence

Neither job nor gender identity killed Mayang Prasetyo. She died because of a man who felt entitled to murder her

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Questions should be asked of a media entitled to publish photos of a Brisbane murder victim posing in a bikini and referring to her as a ‘she-male’  Jump to comments A man murdered his partner and then committed suicide. These are the simplest facts we can offer about a tragedy that is both all too frequent and easily forgotten. But ... Read More »

Disability and murder: victim blaming at its very worst

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When we hear that a murdered wife had a disability, we can find ourselves a little less horrified. But whichever way we dress it up, it remains a story of domestic violence, writes Stella Young. By now you’ll have heard the story of Geoff Hunt, the 44-year-old grain farmer who shot and killed his wife and three children before committing ... Read More »

Domestic violence is never acceptable

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About a month ago I ranted about the horrifying actions of America’s mighty National Football League and their attitude about domestic abuse. This week it got a whole lot worse. Ray Rice was a running back for the Baltimore Ravens. He was suspended for the first two games of the new season for punching his fiancee unconscious in a casino ... Read More »

Student’s Family Lose Deportation Battle


Yashika Bageerathi’s family are told they will have to leave the UK just hours after British Airways refuse to fly the teenager. A mother who has campaigned to stop the removal of her 19-year-old daughter from the country has been told she too has to leave Britain. Student Yashika Bageerathi was due to be flown back to Maritius on Tuesday ... Read More »

Pupil discipline ‘must be shared’


Speaking yesterday after a school discipline summit in Boksburg on the East Rand, Surty said the problems might not be in schools, but at home. File photo Image by: Gallo Images / Foto24 / Craig Nieuwenhuizen) Pupils attacking classmates and teachers, carrying guns and abusing each other sexually are a stark reality of what is happening in schools. But this ... Read More »

We need to understand victims of domestic violence, not shame them

An anonymous woman at a centre in Bristol for victims of domestic violence

‘Home, with its expansive suggestions of love and safety, is not where you expect to find violence and intimidation’. Photograph: Sam Frost The absence of accurate figures on domestic violence speaks volumes about a society that disbelieves women who live in fear More than 10,000 women and children face the possibility of being murdered or seriously injured by their partners ... Read More »

Children and human rights abuses: coming to an international stage?

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Children in Australia will not be among those allowed to bring complaints of rights abuses by governments to the UN. AAP/Lukas Coch For the first time, children will soon be able to bring complaints of human rights violations to the United Nations. Although the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child has been in operation since 1990, there has ... Read More »

Time thugs take big jail hit

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If there’s one policy area in which only the narrowest band of ideologues disagree with mainstream public opinion it has to be the tough one violent crimes mantra. The community is sick and tired of reading about brutal attacks on our streets, in clubs and pubs where patrons should feel safe, or in domestic violence incidents in people’s homes. And ... Read More »

The excuses offered by Turkish men for beating their wives

A local NGO has revealed the results of a long-running research investigation into how men justified domestic violence, based on interviews conducted with over 20,000 female victims of abuse, between 1995 and 2013. The report prepared by Şefkat-Der, a civil association founded to help marginalized segments of society, showed that men would use a variety of excuses to justify both ... Read More »