ISIL exists because al-Assad exists: Erdoğan aide

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A senior spokesperson for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s office has indicated the presence of terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was linked to the prevalence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria. Hurriyet - “No doubt, destroying this terrorist organization is very important for regional countries and their stability. As long ... Read More »

South Sudan: No Sanctions without a Strategy

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Addis/Brussels – ICG – As South Sudan’s civil war continues unabated and multiple peace processes and initiatives create little tangible progress, members of the UN Security Council are seeking to adopt sanctions against six generals, three each from the government and the opposition sides. This would in effect punish past wrongdoing and risk compromising ongoing peace efforts. It would also ... Read More »

Should ‘Killer Robots’ Be Banned?

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Autonomous weapons could be a military game changer that many want banned. Before considering such a move, we need to refine the debate—and America must demonstrate leadership. The National Interest – Paul ScharreMichael Horowitz Autonomous weapons that select and engage targets on their own might sound far-fetched, but 90 countries and over 50 NGOs are taking their possible development seriously. ... Read More »

Andrew Wilkie Blasts The Liberal And Labor Parties, Calls Australia’s Refugee Policy “A Crime Against Humanity”

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Last night the government, with the support of the Opposition, rushed a bill through Parliament’s House of Representatives specifically designed to fend off an impending High Court challenge that could have ruled Australia’s offshore processing regime illegal. Junkee – By Alex McKinnon, The Human Rights Law Centre is challenging offshore processing in court on the basis that Australia doesn’t have the ... Read More »

China aims to challenge U.S. air dominance: Pentagon

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China is mounting a serious effort to challenge US military superiority in air and space, forcing the Pentagon to seek new technologies and systems to stay ahead of its rapidly developing rival, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said on June 22. WASHINGTON – Reuters – Hurriyet The Pentagon’s chief operating officer, speaking to a group of military and civilian aerospace ... Read More »

Rwandan intelligence chief arrested in London

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Karenzi Karake held at the request of Spain over alleged war crimes The Telegraph – By Reuters British police arrested Rwandan intelligence chief Karenzi Karake at the request of Spain, where he is wanted in connection with war crimes. Mr Karake, director general of the African country’s National Intelligence and Security Services, was arrested at London Heathrow Airport on Saturday, ... Read More »

Christian arms manufacturers are hypocrites, says Pope Francis

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Pope Francis has condemned arms manufacturers as “hypocrites” if they call themselves Christians. Christian Today - Mark Woods  In hard-hitting unscripted comments to thousands of young people in Turin, the Pope said of arms manufacturers: “They say they are Christians!” He extended his condemnation to people who invested in arms companies, imagining their excuses: “‘No no, Father, I do not ... Read More »

Belgian PM recognizes 1915 killing of Ottoman Armenians as ‘genocide’

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Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has recognized on the behalf of the Belgian government the killing of Ottoman Armenians in eastern Anatolia from 1915 as “genocide,” Belgian media reported on June 18. Hurriyet – BRUSSELS – Anadolu Agency Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported June 18 that Michel, the youngest prime minister in Belgium’s history, stated in parliament that the killings ... Read More »

Are the Balkans a gateway for ‘IS’?

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EXTREMISM Millions of Muslims live in the Balkans. According to media reports, Islamist terrorists are increasingly trying to influence them. But opinions are split on how dangerous the situation really is. Author Nemanja Rujevic / db Deutsche Welle The history of the Balkans over the past 100 years is nothing but a chronology of Muslim oppression, at least according to ... Read More »