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Twiggy Forrest’s philanthropy is great. But he could have just paid more tax

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It’s true philanthropy is more common in the USA. So is tax minimisation, citizens without health insurance and homelessness Kristina Keneally The Guardian Fortescue Metals Group founder and billionaire Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest and his wife Nicola made the single biggest philanthropic donation by a living person in Australian history on… For that, they are to be congratulated… Twiggy Forrest’s philanthropy… Read More »

The Memo: Pope, Trump set for first meeting

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When President Trump and Pope Francis meet for the first time at the Vatican on Wednesday, every move will be scrutinized for signs of… Niall Stanage The Hill That’s hardly surprising given the taut history between the two men. More than a year ago, Francis criticized Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the southern border with Mexico — and the then-candidate for the White House shot… Francis said in February 2016 that… The Memo: Pope… Read More »

Turkey’s Varied Tactics of US Lobbying

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Exclusive: Turkey has built one of the premier foreign lobbies in Washington by paying powerful politicians, spreading around money to arms manufacturers, and… By Jonathan Marshall (This is the fifth in a series on foreign lobbying) ConsortiumNews  For all the furor over retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia, which got him fired after just 24 days on the job as President Trump’s first national security adviser, his… A federal grand jury has subpoenaed all records of that work as ... Read More »

La improvisación de Trump desestabiliza al mundo


En la diplomacia la improvisación puede resultar peligrosa, sobre todo en las relaciones con los aliados que necesitan garantías de la consistencia de Washington en el mundo. Gideon Rachman Expansion Donald Trump se enorgullece de su carácter imprevisible. Al presidente de EEUU le gusta alardear de que, a diferencia de Barack Obama, él no va a tener por costumbre informar por adelantado sobre su agenda internacional. La improvisación de… Read More »

El miedo es la principal derrota


Un nuevo atentado. En Manchester, Inglaterra. 22 muertos y medio centenar de heridos entre el público que asistía a un concierto de Ariana Grande, ídolo juvenil, provocadora cantante estadounidense. Rosa María Artal El Diario Por eso, el auditorio se componía de niños y jóvenes. Y de nuevo la tentación, cumplida, de extender el miedo. Ya nadie está a salvo, no hay padres que protejan de ese peligro que existe y por múltiples causas. El miedo es… Read More »

Jakarta’s former governor Ahok dropping appeal against jail sentence for blasphemy

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The wife of Jakarta’s former governor has wept while explaining to the press why her husband has decided not appeal against his… Indonesia correspondent Samantha Hawley ABC Basuki Tjahaja Purnama was jailed for two years for blasphemy earlier this month and originally said he would appeal against the decision in a… But the Christian and ethnic Chinese Governor, best known as Ahok, has announced through his lawyers he would accept the… Jakarta’s former governor… Read More »

Detenido el expresidente del Barça Sandro Rosell por blanqueo de capitales


El expresidente del FC Barcelona Sandro Rosell ha sido detenido en Barcelona, junto a otras cuatro personas, en el marco de una operación conjunta de la… ABC Además de Rosell, las fuentes confirman la detención de su esposa en el domicilio del matrimonio en la calle Déu i Mata de la capital catalana, en un edificio en el que otras fuentes apuntan a que el expresidente del Barça posee también un despacho. Detenido el expresidente… Read More »

Al menos 22 muertos y 59 heridos en un atentado suicida en un concierto de Ariana Grande en Manchester


Un atentado suicida con explosivos caseros ocurrido tras una actuación de la artista estadounidense Ariana Grande en el estadio Manchester Arena de la ciudad británica, con capacidad para unas 21.000 personas, ha dejado 22 muertos, entre ellos varios menores, y 59 heridos de diversa consideración. La Vanguardia La campaña electoral británica ha quedado suspendida. Al menos 22… Read More »

Death by design

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More people than ever are choosing to be cremated, yet crematoriums are often grim places. Dominic Nicholls The Economist Dominic Nicholls talks to the architects trying to change that. The Crematorium Hofheide is situated in the middle of a lake in Holsbeek, Belgium. An elongated core of earth-coloured stone wrapped in a layer of rusty steel, it… Death by… Read More »

Iran’s Rouhani denounces US’ Middle East ignorance

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Iran’s president fires back at Trump’s funding ‘terrorists’ accusation, saying Americans don’t know the region. Source: Reuters news agency Al Jazeera Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday stability could not be achieved in the Middle East without Tehran’s help, responding to criticism from US President Donald Trump who… Trump called for a US alliance with Muslim countries aimed at… Iran’s Rouhani denounces… Read More »

Stockpiles of dead tiger and rhino body parts go up in smoke in Nepal

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The authorities in Nepal have destroyed more than 4,000 animal body parts in an effort to discourage illegal hunting and trading in… Mahesh Acharya BBC Horns of endangered rhinos, and skins of tigers and leopards – including a snow leopard and two clouded leopards – were among exhibits burnt on Monday in Chitwan, south of… Foreign Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat set the… Stockpiles of dead… Read More »

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find

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The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa. Sarah Knapton The Telegraph Currently, most experts believe that our human lineage split from apes around seven million years ago in central Africa, where hominids remained for the… But two fossils of an ape-like creature which had human-like teeth have been found in Bulgaria and… Europe was the… Read More »

UN urges Libyan government to shut ‘inhumane’ refugee centres

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Call comes as Libya Quartet meets in Brussels to discuss ways to prevent deadly Mediterranean… Patrick Wintour The Guardian The UN refugee agency has called on the Libyan government in Tripoli to close its refugee detention centres, describing conditions as inhumane and… The call comes as the Libya Quartet meets in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss how to slow the flow of refugees across the Mediterranean from Libya to… UN urges Libyan… Read More »

Lou Reed Creates a List of the 10 Best Records of All Time

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If you want to write, most every writer will tell you, you’ve got to read, read, read, and read. OpenCulture “Read more than you write,” advises Teju Cole. Even great filmmakers like Werner Herzog and Akira Kurasawa cite copious reading as a prerequisite for their primarily visual medium. But what about music? What advice might we hope to receive about the art of writing catchy, memorable, culturally significant… Lou Reed Creates… Read More »

Why Is Cybersecurity So Hard?

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After nearly 20 years of trying and billions of dollars in investment, why are organizations are still struggling with cybersecurity? Michael Daniel Harvard Business Publishing In fact, the problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Answering this question requires moving beyond a purely technical examination of cybersecurity. It’s true that the technical challenges are very real; we don’t… Why Is Cybersecurity… Read More »

Why Trump’s First Trip Is Focusing on Faith

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Trump’s administration recognizes that ideas and identity still have power, and need to be understood. Alberto M. Fernandez The National Interest Despised by so many among the American political and cultural elite, President Trump paradoxically still has a tremendous opportunity during his first overseas trip to begin to forge a… Given that most media coverage of President Trump is negative, it is no… Why Trump’s First… Read More »