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China’s looming great wall of debt may have ‘major global implications’

While many countries struggled following the 2008 global financial crisis, China appeared as though it had largely escaped unscathed. Tasha Wibawa ABC But observers are becoming increasingly concerned Beijing will struggle to repay an ever-increasing mountain of debt, with potential detrimental consequences for the global market. China’s debt has been a key factor to its economic success in riding out the GFC, due to a large government stimulus injected into its economy. However, the financial boost has mostly led to ... Read More »

DR Congo: A Recount and Talks to Find a Way Out of the Crisis

The DR Congo is facing a major political crisis over the 30 December election’s result. ICG A recount would allow subsequent negotiations to take place on the basis of a clear understanding of who won. A dispute over the results of the DR Congo’s 30 December election cast a dark shadow over what should be a historic transition of power but a surprisingly robust reaction by regional actors offers a genuine chance for a course correction. According to official tallies, ... Read More »

Give MPs free vote on Brexit options, says Sir John Major

Ex-PM urges Theresa May to stage series of ‘indicative’ votes as way out of impasse Simon Murphy The Guardian Sir John Major has called for MPs to be allowed to have a free vote on a series of options to solve the unfolding Brexit crisis, saying he feared millions will be hurt if Britain leaves the EU with the wrong deal or none at all. The former prime minister called on Theresa May to stage a series of “indicative” votes in parliament to establish ... Read More »

Why the West won’t act on China’s Uighur crisis

Western nations have criticized but failed to impose punitive measures for China’s internment of as many as one million Uighur Muslims in de facto concentration camps David Hutt Asia Times As evidence mounts of China’s internment of almost one million Muslim Uighurs in the country’s far western region, Western nations have largely failed to respond to the reported abuses, a… In what some critics have referred to as a campaign of “ethnic cleansing”, Chinese authorities have since late 2017 corralled ... Read More »

Brexit ‘has unleashed such a set of demons’ on the UK

How does a society that has been so badly fractured begin to heal? To stay or to go is no longer a binary question in Britain, if it ever was to begin with. Jennifer OÇonnell The Irish Times Between those two poles, there are myriad shades of opinion. There are the remorseful Leavers. The regretful Remainers. The more-hardline-than-ever Leavers. Those who are so fatigued by it all they no longer care what happens. Then there are the uncategorisable views: like ... Read More »

Μεταναστευτικό: Στον κόσμο της Αριστείας μείναμε μετεξεταστέοι στο μάθημα της ανθρωπιάς

Σήμερα κυκλοφορεί στα social media μια ιστορία για έναν 14χρονο Αφρικανό που πνίγηκεπροσπαθώντας να έρθει από την Αφρική στην Ευρώπη. Μαρία Δεδούση CNN Ο μικρός είχε ραμμένο στο μέσα μέρος του μπουφάν του τον (πολύ καλό) έλεγχό του από το σχολείο. Ερχόταν στον κόσμο που εκτιμά πολύ την Αριστεία και έπρεπε να αποδείξει ότι μπορούσε να είναι ένας από μας… Η Christina Cattaneo είναι  ιατροδικαστής. Ιταλίδα. Και έχει αφιερώσει τη ζωή της σε έναν σκοπό: Ν’ αποκτήσουν -όσο γίνεται αυτό- ταυτότητα τα ανώνυμα πτώματα των μεταναστών που πνίγονται στη Μεσόγειο. Η Christina καταγράφει… Μεταναστευτικό: Στον… Read More »

Η Κρίση στις Σχέσεις Ρωσίας – Ουκρανίας: Απρόβλεπτες Συνέπειες

Ένα ενδιαφέρον άρθρο του Χαράλαμπου Μερακλή δημοσιεύτηκε πρόσφατα στον Κυπριακό Τύπο υπό τον τίτλο Η Αντιπαράθεση Ρωσίας-Ουκρανίας στα Στενά του Κερτς (Πολίτης, 15 Ιανουαρίου 2019). ISF Η ανάλυση του ΧΜ αρκετά εμβριθής, γι’ αυτό και θα θέλαμε να επισημάνουμε τα κύρια της σημεία προσθέτοντας και τις δικές μας κρίσεις κι απόψεις. Κατ’ αρχάς ας ξεκινήσουμε με την σημασία της διεξαγωγής αδιάβλητων δημοψηφισμάτων ως γνήσιας έκφρασης αυτοδιάθεσης των λαών. Η ημερομηνία δημοσίευσης του άρθρου του ΧΜ συμπίπτει με μια σημαντική επέτειο ... Read More »

Boris Johnson Claims He ‘Didn’t Say Anything About Turkey’ In The Brexit Referendum – But He Did

Vote Leave produced posters warning about Turkish immigration. Ned Simons HuffPost Boris Johnson has been accused of being a “bare-faced liar” after he claimed to have never mentioned Turkey during the EU referendum – even though he did. In a speech criticising Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Friday, the former foreign secretary insisted he was “not a nationalist”. But he was challenged after the speech over Vote Leave’s decision to focus on possible Turkish immigrants in 2016. The campaign, in ... Read More »

Revolt and Repression in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean government’s decision to hike fuel prices has sparked fierce opposition.  Piers Pigou What triggered this explosion of unrest? In this Q&A, Crisis Group’s Senior Consultant Piers Pigou explains how economic hardship is driving ordinary citizens to unprecedented acts of resistance. On 12 January, in response to persistent fuel shortages compounded by manipulation and mismanagement of a currency crisis, President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced a fuel price hike of over 200 per cent to $3.31 per litre – making the ... Read More »

The decade’s last ‘blood moon’ is coming—here’s where to watch

From glow-in-the-dark pajama parties to space festivals, we’ve gathered some of the more unusual events showcasing the upcoming total lunar eclipse. Nneka M. Okona National Geographic Starting off 2019 with an astral bang, our first full moon of the year will also be a special kind of total lunar eclipse that’s been dubbed a super blood wolf moon. Appearing on January 20 or 21, depending on your local time zone, the phenomenon will be even more extraordinary because we won’t ... Read More »

Stammtisch – Red Rosa and the German Left

This month marks 100 years since the murder of socialist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg. Kate Brady Deutsche Welle So, on this week’s Stammtisch we’re asking: why is Luxemburg so important today for left-wing politics? Listen to audio And how is the radical Left in Germany doing anyway? Stammtisch hosts Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner are joined by journalist Siobhán Dowling and The Guardian’s Kate Connolly… Stammtisch – Red Rosa and… Read More »

To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

CREMONA, Italy — Florencia Rastelli was mortified. As an expert barista, she had never spilled a single cup of coffee, she said. But last Monday, as she wiped the counter at Chiave di Bacco, the cafe where she works, she knocked over a glass and it shattered loudly on the floor. Max Paradiso The New York Times The customers all stood still, petrified, Ms. Rastelli recalled. “I was like: Of all days, this one,” she said. “Even a police officer ... Read More »

How to navigate dinner conversations about pill testing

Here are some answers for you to put the arguments against pill testing in their scientific resting place David Caldicott, Matt Noffs and Gino Vumbaca The Guardian The support for pill testing continues to grow. Polling released this week shows pill testing is supported by a majority of Australians, including a majority of Liberal-National voters. Europeans have been successfully conducting pill testing at music festivals for over two decades. Despite this, a few pollies are adding some straw man arguments ... Read More »

There’s a Good Reason Many Jewish Women Will Be Joining the Women’s March

We feel it’s where we belong. Sarah M. Seltzer The Nation Following the debate over anti-Semitism and the Women’s March has felt like having a year-long front-row seat to a soliloquy by Fiddler on the Roof’s conflicted Tevye: on the one hand, on the other hand, on the other hand. On the one hand, the attacks against the Women’s March leadership, especially Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, cannot be untangled from many critics’ clear discomfort with women in power, especially ... Read More »

How to feed a growing population healthy food without ruining the planet

If we’re serious about feeding the world’s growing population healthy food, and not ruining the planet, we need to get used to a new style of eating. Authors: The Conversation This includes cutting our Western meat and sugar intakes by around 50%, and doubling the amount of nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes we consume. These are the findings our the EAT-Lancet Commission, released today. The Commission brought together 37 leading experts in nutrition, agriculture, ecology, political sciences and environmental sustainability, ... Read More »

Nauru doctor wins global free speech award for speaking out on offshore immigration

Nick Martin’s medical attention and advocacy saw asylum seekers transferred to Australia for treatment, but ultimately cost him his job Ben Doherty The Guardian A doctor on Nauru who blew the whistle on the deliberate medical neglect of refugees and asylum seekers on the island has been awarded a global award for free speech. Dr Nick Martin, the former senior medical officer for International Health and Medical Services on Nauru, spoke out publicly against what he described as Australia’s “inflexible, unswerving, and shameless” ... Read More »