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Escalating Global Effort for Safe, Legal Abortion

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A Day to Highlight Women’s Struggle Margaret Wurth HRW Today is International Safe Abortion Day. Today, and every day, women and girls in countries where access to abortion is heavily restricted, or banned, risk their lives trying to end unwanted pregnancies. But the fight around the world for access to safe and legal abortion is escalating. The day has particular significance this year for the United States, as the Senate Judiciary Committee considers the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the ... Read More »

Iraqi Kurdistan’s Regional Elections Test a Brittle Status Quo

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The fallout continues to settle after Iraqi Kurdistan’s fraught independence referendum one year ago. Maria Fantappie ICG In this Q&A, our Iraq Senior Adviser Maria Fantappie surveys the political landscape ahead of the first regional legislative elections since the plebiscite. What’s at stake in the 30 September elections? Voters in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq will choose the 111 members of the Kurdistan National Assembly, in the fourth election since the body was founded in 1992 and the… At stake, ... Read More »

We need to talk about why men and women see equality differently

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This week’s Essential poll showed even more evidence that men and women have widely different views on the progress towards gender equality. Jane Gilmore The Canberra Times No matter how frustrating this might be, it’s not really surprising. Men rarely experience sexism, so they don’t always recognise it when it’s happening right in front of them, or, even more disturbingly, when they are the ones perpetrating it. The answers to the Essential poll questions about gender equality were significantly different ... Read More »

Costa Rica Launches Initiative on Environment and Human Rights

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“For All Initiative” Promotes Gender Equality in Global Environmental Treaties Marcos Orellana HRW Today, Costa Rica will launch an initiative aiming to make gender equality and human rights integral components of global environmental agreements. Costa Rica’s Vice President Epsy Campbell Barr will launch the For All Initiative at the United Nations General Assembly’s high-level segment. The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, and the Executive Director of UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, are expected to join the launch in New… ... Read More »

On the Supreme Court, difficult nominations have led to historical injustices

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Far from being unusual, the hurried and partisan Supreme Court confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh mirrors several notable examples of similarly politicized confirmations in U.S. history. Calvin Schermerhorn The Conversation Those conflicts, which ultimately placed justices on the court, yielded some of the most damaging civil rights decisions in our nation’s history. Unlike any other branch of government, Supreme Court justices do not have to face voters at the polls. They have no term limits. Yet the high court is ... Read More »

The German Government’s Shameful Kowtow Before Erdogan

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In welcoming Turkey’s presidential dictator for a state visit, the EU’s largest member nation is exploring the limits of self-humiliation. A working visit would be quite enough. Benedict Neff The Globalist On September 28th and 29th, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be honored by the German government with a state visit to Berlin. To give such an honor to a man who is relentlessly snuffing out the remaining elements of freedom in his own country is a big mistake. ... Read More »

Canada MPs vote to strip Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary citizenship

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Canadian MPs have voted unanimously to revoke the honorary citizenship of Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. BBC Passing the motion was a response to her failure to stop the persecution of the Rohingya minority in her country. Ms Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 for her efforts to bring democracy to Myanmar – also known as Burma – which was then under military rule. A UN report last month said Myanmar military leaders must be investigated ... Read More »

EU human rights defenders alarmed at Ukraine’s surge in religious discrimination

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European human rights organizations are concerned about the predicament of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church believers MOSCOW, September 28 / TASS European human rights organizations are concerned about the predicament of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church believers, Bishop Victor of Baryshevka, a vicar of the Kiev Diocese, said on Friday in an interview with the Church’s Information Department, following a Warsaw meeting of the Organization for Security and… “This year, a great number of international organizations focused on the… EU human rights… Read More »

How Alliances Made Athens Great

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The ancient Athenians manipulated their allies, spreading democracy and providing protection, always with their own interests first. Trump could learn something. Nikos Konstandaras The New York Times ATHENS — In his declared intention to “Make America Great Again,” President Trump appears set on destroying the foundations of American greatness. The multinational organizations and agreements that established peace and stability, and encouraged economic growth for some seven decades, were designed principally by Americans. They organized the world pretty much the way that ... Read More »

World’s first human case of rat disease found in Hong Kong

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A Hong Kong man has developed the world’s first ever human case of the rat version of the hepatitis E virus, according to new research from one of the city’s leading universities. HONG KONG – Agence France-Presse Hurriyet There had previously been no evidence the disease could jump from rats to humans, the University of Hong Kong said on Sept. 28, warning the discovery had “major public healthsignificance”. “This study conclusively proves for the first time in the world that rat HEV can infect humans to cause clinical infection,” the ... Read More »

‘MeToo must become WeToo’: Jacinda Ardern’s speech to UN rebuts Trump

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New Zealand prime minister called for collective action and multilateralism in address that was applauded at the UN in New York Eleanor Ainge Roy The Guardian The prime minister of New Zealand has been met with thunderous applause at the UN for her speech espousing global cooperation and kindness from world leaders, in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s portentous rejection of globalism earlier in the week. Jacinda Ardern’s national statement was viewed by many commentators as a direct rebuttal to the US ... Read More »

China’s new world order ‘unrealistic’ if built on belt and road alone, senior US diplomatic observer says

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Beijing cannot avoid dealing with the developed world if it wants to build a technologically advanced country. South China Morning Post It will not be realistic for China to build an alternative world order through its massive infrastructure investments overseas as other regional players do not want to take sides between Beijing and Washington, according to a… Miles Kahler, a senior fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, said China’s infrastructure strategy – known as the “Belt and Road Initiative” ... Read More »

Στα άδυτα της Αγιάς Σοφιάς: μυστικά ενός αθέατου, υπόγειου κόσμου στο φως

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Στο εμβληματικό Μουσείο Τέχνης του Λος Άντζελες, LACMA, έκανε παγκόσμια πρεμιέρα ένα ντοκιμαντέρ που μας καλεί σε ένα υπόγειο ταξίδι στο χρόνο κάτω από την Αγία Σοφιά στην Κωνσταντινούπολη. CNN Το ντοκιμαντέρ, παραγωγής Kinostanbul, υπογράφει ο Γκοκσέλ Γκιουλενσόϊ (Göksel Gülensoy), ο πρώτος σκηνοθέτης, που είχε την ευκαιρία να κινηματογραφήσει τoν υπόγειο κόσμο κάτω από την Αγία Σοφιά από την ανοικοδόμηση της μέχρι σήμερα. “Οι θόλοι και οι μιναρέδες της Αγιάς Σοφιάς αποτελούν σύμβολα της Κωνσταντινούπολης που σου κόβουν την ανάσα” σχολίασε ο… Στα άδυτα της… Read More »

Ντάισελμπλουμ: Σκληρά και με πολλές αποτυχίες τα προγράμματα διάσωσης για την Ελλάδα

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Προβληματισμένος φαίνεται σήμερα ο πρώην πρόεδρος του Eurogroup σε σχέση με το παρελθόν Το Βήμα Τα προγράμματα διάσωσης της Ελλάδας είχαν πολύ μεγάλη διάρκεια, ήταν πολύ σκληρά με πολλές αποτυχίες, τονίζει ο πρώην επικεφαλής του Eurogroup, Γερούν Ντάισελμπλουμ μιλώντας στη… O Ντάισελμπλουμ, ο οποίος στη διάρκεια της θητείας του κλήθηκε να διαχειριστεί την κρίση της ευρωζώνης και της Ελλάδας, σημειώνει ότι η έξοδος της Ελλάδας από το πρόγραμμα διάσωσης είναι κάτι καλό, ωστόσο δεν… Όμως δε νομίζω ότι μπορούμε να ... Read More »

Πως βλέπουν τα διεθνή ΜΜΕ το δημοψήφισμα στην ΠΓΔΜ

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Αντίστροφη μέτρηση «Μια φτωχή χώρα με πληθυσμό 2 εκατομμυρίων, ίσως δεν είναι τόσο σημαντική σε γεωπολιτικό επίπεδο, ώστε να χαρακτηρίζεται ιστορική η συμφωνία των Πρεσπών» σημειώνει το Bloomberg Τα Νέα «Η ΠΓΔΜ, μια φτωχή χώρα με πληθυσμό 2 εκατομμυρίων, ίσως δεν είναι τόσο σημαντική σε γεωπολιτικό επίπεδο, ώστε να χαρακτηρίζεται ιστορική η συμφωνία των Πρεσπών. Ωστόσο, ο χαρακτηρισμός δεν… «Είμαστε οι πρώτοι που επιλύουμε μια διαμάχη περί ταυτότητας με ειρηνικά και διπλωματικά μέσα», δήλωσε ο Λιούμπομιρ Φερκόσκι, καθηγητής Νομικής, που συμμετείχε στην κατάρτιση του ... Read More »

O εμπαιγμός με το εμπόριο από τα κατεχόμενα

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Με τόσους επικοινωνιολόγους στο Προεδρικό για να διαμορφώνουν ευνοϊκά την κοινή γνώμη (αντί για επιστήμονες σε ουσιαστικά θέματα), επικρατεί σιωπή. Κώστας Μαυρίδης * Ως υποψήφιος Πρόεδρος ο Ν. Αναστασιάδης επέμενε ότι η νομοθεσία για προστασία των καταθέσεων μέχρι €100.000 δεν ίσχυε το 2013, αλλά τέθηκε σε ισχύ το 2016 (δικαιολογώντας την συμπερίληψη εγγυημένων καταθέσεων στο κούρεμα που πρότεινε). Η Ευρ. Ένωση το θέτει απλά: «Τα σημαντικότερα στοιχεία …περί των συστημάτων εγγύησης των καταθέσεων (Οδηγία 94/19/ΕΚ) τροποποιήθηκαν το 2009… [οπόταν] το ... Read More »