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Venezuela: Hunger by Default

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Economic mismanagement, corruption and dwindling reserves have forced Venezuela into penury and now into missed payments and partial default on its debts ICG Full-scale, internationally supervised negotiations involving a restored parliament are essential to pave the way to a debt restructuring and a free, fair presidential election. What happened?  On 14 November, credit ratings agencies declared Venezuela in partial default on its foreign debt, after the country failed to meet a $200 million payment to bondholders. Why did it happen?  Economic mismanagement ... Read More »

Let’s re-examine men like Bill Clinton and Clarence Thomas over sexual harassment

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The rogue’s gallery of famous men accused of sexual misconduct keeps getting bigger and bigger. But as contemporary names are added to the list, some people are demanding a re-examination of recent historical figures, too. Micheline Maynard ABC Two names coming up frequently are Bill Clinton and Clarence Thomas. With Justice Thomas, who has been a US Supreme Court justice since 1991, some voices are saying he ought to resign from the court for his long-ago harassment of law professor ... Read More »

Boochani arrest is an attack on press freedom

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MEAA, the union for Australian media workers, stands in solidarity with Iranian-Kurdish journalist and regular contributor to Australian publications, Behrouz Boochani, who has reportedly been arrested today on Manus Island. MEAA Chief Executive Paul Murphy said Boochani appeared to have been deliberately targeted by Papua New Guinea police in today’s crackdown because of his high-profile as a journalist reporting from inside the detention centre. “Behrouz has been one of the main sources of factual information about conditions inside the Manus ... Read More »

Is Indo-Pacific the ‘New’ Pivot?

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It is unclear exactly what the Indo-Pacific concept entails—especially regarding the future relations between New Delhi and Beijing Zhiqun Zhu  The National Interest Government officials and scholars around the world have quickly switched their labels for Asia from “Asia Pacific” to “Indo-Pacific” after President Donald Trump popularized the latter during his first Asia trip in November 2017. “Indo-Pacific” as a geopolitical concept first appeared in European publications in the 1920s. For example, it was mentioned in retired German general Karl Ernst ... Read More »

Φ. Κρανιδιώτης: «Η Ελλάδα χρειάζεται μία μακρά περίοδο σιδηράς πειθαρχίας και μηδενικής ανοχής στην ανομία»

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Αρθρο του προέδρου της «Νέας Δεξιάς» Με άρθρο του παρέμβαση στο πολιτικό γίγνεσθαι της χώρας ο κ. Φαήλος Κρανιδιώτης πρόεδρος της «Νέας Δεξιάς» υποστηρίζει ότι «είναι ολοφάνερο πως η χώρα, αντί για διαπιστώσεις, χρειάζεται μηδενική ανοχή στην ανομία». Το Βήμα Με μια κατά μέτωπον ακροδεξιού χαρακτήρα επίθεση στη μεταπολίτευση, στη Νέα Δημοκρατία, το ΠαΣοΚ, την Αριστερά και στην, όπως την ονομάζει, «Ανώνυμο Εταιρεία Ηρώων Πολυτεχνείου» και με το πρόσχημα της τραγωδίας στην Δυτική Αττική προσπαθεί να ακουστεί στον… Φ. Κρανιδιώτης: ... Read More »

Συμφωνία Μιανμάρ-Μπανγκλαντές για τους Ροχίνγκια

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Η πλέον καταδιωκόμενη θρησκευτική μειονότητα στον κόσμο, οι μουσουλμάνοι Ροχίνγκια που εξαναγκάστηκαν από το στρατό της Μιανμάρ να εγκαταλείψουν τα σπίτια τους, μετά τη συμφωνία των δύο γειτονικών χωρών καλούνται να επιστρέψουν στη χώρα που υπέστησαν δολοφονίες και φρικτές διώξεις χωρίς να έχουν ανακοινωθεί λεπτομέρειες για τον… ΕφΣυν Οι Ροχίνγκια που ζούσαν περιθωριοποιημένοι αιώνες τώρα στην πολιτεία Ραχίν της Μιανμάρ, μετά τις δολοφονίες και τις διώξεις που υπέστησαν έφυγαν κατά χιλιάδες (600.000) στο… Συμφωνία Μιανμάρ-Μπανγκλαντές… Read More »

Αποκαλύψεις του Προέδρου των Θερμοκηπιούχων για το εμπόριο από κατεχόμενα

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Οι χθεσινές αποκαλύψεις (στο sigmalive) του κου Άγγελου Αγγελή, Προέδρου του Συνδέσμου Θερμοκηπιούχων, αναφορικά με την παράνομη εισαγωγή τουρκικών προϊόντων στις ελεύθερες περιοχές μέσω του Κανονισμού της Πράσινης Γραμμής, επιβεβαιώνουν πλήρως τις επαλειμμένες καταγγελίες και παραστάσεις του Ευρωβουλευτή Κώστα Μαυρίδη (ΔΗΚΟ, S&D) προς την Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή. Στις δηλώσεις του, ο Πρόεδρος των Θερμοκηπιούχων αναφέρεται μεταξύ άλλων σε ψευδείς πιστοποιήσεις στις οποίες εμπλέκεται το Τουρκοκυπριακό Εμπορικό Επιμελητήριο, το οποίο παράνομα «βαφτίζει» ως ντόπια, προϊόντα από την Τουρκία, που ακολούθως διοχετεύονται στις ... Read More »

‘Slow, painful death’ of Yazidi woman’s body and soul while enslaved by the Islamic State

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The Islamic State’s attempt to exterminate the Yazidi people of Iraq did not involve only murder Alia Malek When the militants swept through the north of the country after taking Mosul in the summer of 2014, they executed the religious minority group’s men and elderly women. The Washington Post The children and the other women they took captive. They brainwashed and conscripted the young boys and turned the women and girls into sexual slaves. This enslavement was justified by edicts ... Read More »

What Paul Keating And Tony Abbott Misunderstand About Voluntary Euthanasia

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They have it wrong in a very big way. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating’s extraordinary claim that warned against voluntary euthanasia has been debunked as unfounded. Luke Cooper HuffPost In October in the same week a controversial assisted dying bill was debated in Victoria’s lower house of Parliament, Keating argued euthanasia was a “slippery slope” — A claim which just doesn’t stack up. In a Fairfax opinion piece Keating claimed that “the experience of overseas jurisdictions suggests the pressures for ... Read More »

Seattle’s income tax on the wealthy is illegal, judge rules

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Seattle’s income tax on wealthy households failed its first legal test on Wednesday By Lewis Kamb and Sandi Doughton Seattle Times staff reporters Seattle’s income tax on wealthy households failed its first legal test Wednesday, with a King County Superior Court ruling that the measure is illegal. In a summary judgment, Judge John R. Ruhl agreed with multiple challengers that the city ordinance adopted in July is not authorized under state law. Opponents of Seattle’s so-called “wealth tax” immediately hailed the ruling as proof that the city long ... Read More »

Victoria poised to become first Australian state to legalise assisted dying after historic vote

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Assisted dying bill passes upper house, paving the way for it to be confirmed by lower house and passed into law Gay Alcorn The Guardian Victoria is on the verge of becoming the first Australian state to legalise voluntary assisted dying, after the upper house finally approved the right of terminally ill people to request assistance to end their lives. The historic bill was passed by 22 votes to 18 after a gruelling and often bitter all-night debate. The chamber began ... Read More »

Gutting net neutrality rules is a giant step backward

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Americans should tell the FCC and members of Congress that net-neutrality rules are needed to prevent throttling and discrimination of online content and information By Seattle Times editorial board The Seattle Times The last thing Americans need during the holidays is more stress about politics, but that’s what they’re getting from President Donald Trump’s administration. Now more than ever, the public must stay engaged and ensure their voices are heard as the administration continues its relentless bulldozing of policies and rules ... Read More »

Media outlets reassess their newsroom cultures

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Hotlines, new training procedures mark news organizations’ responses to wave of sexual harassment claims JASON SCHWARTZ Politico The New York Times is calling attention to an anonymous hotline. CBS News is increasing training. NBC News is looking at all of the above. They, like other major media outlets, including POLITICO, are grappling with how to better communicate and reach out to employees as the news business faces a wave of revelations of inappropriate behavior. By Wednesday, two of the three ... Read More »

How spending time in city parks helps asylum seekers to feel at home

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Across Europe, unprecedented numbers of asylum seekers are currently waiting for a decision on their refugee status Dominika Blachnicka-Ciacek Clare Rishbeth  Unable to legally work or study, and with very limited funds, many of them feel as though they’re in a state of limbo; like their lives have been put on hold. The Conversation With shrinking public sector funding, there are even fewer resources available to help asylum seekers in this position. But now, new research shows that urban parks ... Read More »

Do we need a new offence to protect victims of family violence from psychological harm?

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The Liberal National Party has promised that if it wins the upcoming Queensland election it will introduce a “standalone” domestic violence offence for non-violent offenders who had shown a pattern of psychologically controlling behaviour. Marilyn McMahon Paul McGorrery  The new offence would also prohibit emotional and financial abuse. The Conversation The Queensland offence would be modelled on the English offence of “controlling or coercive behaviour”. A similar law is also being considered by the Scottish parliament. However, not all key ... Read More »

What next for the unresolved Cyprus question?

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Despite high expectations, the conference on Cyprus at Crans-Montana in Switzerland from 28 June to 5 July did not lead to a breakthrough. Andreas Theophanous Friends of Europe The stakes were high, given the conference’s broader goals, which included addressing the need for multilateral cooperation, involving Turkey, in the Eastern Mediterranean on energy and security issues. Furthermore, a solution to the Cyprus problem in times of regional turmoil and conflict would have been considered a success for the United Nations ... Read More »