Self-identifying ‘woke’ people, please don’t use me as an excuse to bully an American teen wearing a Chinese prom dress


The qipao itself was intended to be a luxurious evening gown.

Did Keziah not wear it for its intended purpose?

If so, how was she being in any way, shape or form disrespectful?

  • Kassie Draven
  • Independent

This week, the ‘cultural appropriation’ row has been reignited by a high school teen wearing a Chinese-inspired dress at her prom.

Watts 3cThe Twitter user, a girl named Keziah who posted pictures of herself at prom with friends, has been flamed online by people saying that she had “no right” to put on the garment.

One user, Jeremy Lam, in a post that garnered more than 42,000 retweets and…

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