Inside Syria: With its enemies diverted or fighting each other, Isis is making a swift and deadly comeback


The Wars in Syria: In the second part of his new series, Patrick Cockburn finds a growing line of graves being dug after fresh battles between Kurdish fighters and soldiers of the so-called Islamic State.

Yet, after the defeat of Isis was soundly declared last year, this should not be happening.

  • Patrick Cockburn
  • Independent

Armes 2bSuleiman Khalaf, also known as Abu Fadi, was killed 10 days ago in a fight with Isis in eastern Syria when the vehicle he was in was hit by a heat-seeking missile.

“He was driving a bulldozer which was building an earth rampart when Isis hit it with a missile we call a ‘fuzia’,” said Baran Omari, the commander of his unit in the…

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