Thanks, L’Oréal, but I’m growing weary of this hijab fetish


Amena Khan’s role in a new ad campaign, though short-lived, shows how the industry struggles to represent Muslim women

This month Amena Khan became the first hijabi model to star in a global mainstream hair campaign.

L’Oréal, which featured her in its advert, apparently wanted to promote an important message: hair care is for everyone, whether or not they choose to show their hair in public.

I’m not sure who exactly thinks that women in hijab don’t care about their hair because they wear a headscarf in public.

Sus 1aMaybe they let their hair dry and wither away into a hijab-shaped husk?

Maybe in private they take off their hijab, only to reveal another hijab?

But many thanks anyway to L’Oréal for…

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