‘Proven to work’: scheme tackling alcoholism helps keep young offenders out of jail

  • At one time Domac Gile-Lul was drinking four litres of wine a day

Experts say the program that rescued him saves lives

“I’ve been very stressed. I’m very relieved that it’s all over. I know it was my fault.”

Domac Gile-Lul was told he will not be going to jail and his debt of more than $7,300 in infringement notices has been wiped.

Krop 1aIt was his fifth driving offence, this time driving without a licence.

“You’ve deserved this, you’ve worked very hard,” said magistrate Pauline Spencer. “All right, now don’t come…

Gile-Lul is one of 51 people who have benefited from the award-winning alcohol diversion program based in the…

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