Women can’t be told anything anymore for fear of offence


It’s nonsense that ‘fragile’ women are besieged by relentless male backlash

I’ m thinking of starting a movement called the Dissident Feminists

It’s a term coined by one of the greatest female minds of our time, philosopher, academic and author Camille Paglia.

Paglia uses it to describe the strong force of pro-active, positive and powerful women who do not want to be linked to a cause that has been hijacked by radicals, diverged from equality into identity politics and…

Women who no longer relate to modern feminist ideology, and who believe the movement is now regressive, not progressive.

Nus 3cWe, who see it as patronising and victimising of women, and who want to stand up and break away from the increasing illogic, saying: “Not in my name.”

You don’t hear from us, the dissident feminists.

We tend to…

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