Turkey’s Genocide Denial: Four Narratives


Turkey still denies the Armenian Genocide, during which 1.5 million Armenians perished. The Turkish state does not have just one policy or rhetoric concerning it. One could argue that there are four main narratives in Turkey concerning the genocide.

Narrative One: We Did Not Slaughter Armenians; Armenians Slaughtered Us

Accusing Armenians of being mass murderers and the actual perpetrators of genocide is a popular myth in Turkey.

Tr denial 1aLast year, a public stage play that depicted “the liberation of Aşkale [in Erzurum] from invasion” not only turned the historical facts regarding the genocide upside down but also converted them into hate-filled propaganda against the Armenians.

The play opened with the “immigration of Turks fleeing from Armenians.” In it, the Armenians begin drinking wine and…

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