Kalkan: Revolutionary Operation in Şemdinli is the beginning


In an interview to ANF about the “Revolutionary Operation” in Şemdinli and Çukurca for the last two weeks, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) executive council member Duran Kalkan said that the guerrilla activity and domination in the region is a warning to the Turkish state which –he said- will see the real power of guerrilla forces in the event of not taking a lesson from this warning.

Kalkan said that the guerrilla actions in the region, where over a hundred soldiers died according to HPG (People’s Defense Forces) sources, is a beginning and pointed out that the new struggle process is an answer to the increasing killing, imprisonment and oppression of the Kurdish people in the last one year.

KCK executive council member Kalkan underlined that the deadlock in the Kurdish issue is a consequence of the policies of the Turkish government which -he said- is mistaken for intending to come up with a solution to the problem by waging a war against the forces of the Kurdish people.

KCK demands democratic autonomy for the Kurds in Turkey on the basis of political and peaceful negotiations, remarked Kalkan and added that guerrilla actions and civil rebellion will emerge should the Turkish state refuse to agree on this proposal.

Kalkan noted that “Kurdish guerrillas have surrounded and taken the control of many areas in the regions of Şemdinli, Zap and Zagros, placing the Turkish army in a position in which it cannot go out of its military posts and will soon have to draw back or surrender.”

Democratic Turkey will be arising from the region, said Kalkan and added that Kurdish guerrillas have defeated the army of hired soldiers AKP government has formed against the forces of the Kurdish movement.

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