The Palace – an award winning new film

Author: Dinos Toumazos

THE PALACE is an award winning new short film inspired by true events that took place during the 1974 invasion of Cyprus.

Shot on the battle-scarred streets of Cyprus along the United Nations Green Line that still cuts the country in two, The Palace details the heart wrenching story of a Greek-Cypriot family struggling to survive, and a young Turkish Cypriot soldier trying to retain his humanity amidst the bloodshed.

The Palace won the Best Short Film Audience Award at its first public screening at the 2011 Adelaide Film Festival, and went on to win Best Short Film at its second public screening at the 2011 Sydney Film Festival – Dendy Awards. By winning the Dendy Award for Best Short Film at Sydney, The Palace is now eligible for consideration at the 2012 Academy Awards.

The Palace is one of the most emotionally affective and powerful short films that I’ve ever seen.”

– The Co-Op Post

The Palace will screen at film festivals internationally throughout 2011, and be available on DVD later in the year. Preparations with international partners are underway to host a series of screenings at some of the world’s most well-known conflict zones, including the Berlin Wall and along the UN Green Zone in Nicosia, Cyprus – the world’s last divided capital city.

For more information and for screening dates at a venue near you:

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“One of the most impressive and ambitious Australian shorts I’ve seen at the SFF so far. Or ever.”

Australian Film Review Blog


Lefkosia, Cyprus, 1974. INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS

The Palace – an award winning new film shot along the UN Green Line in Lefkosia, Cyprus

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