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Odyssey to Freedom

Human rights activist and lawyer for Nelson Mandela, George Bizos has somehow managed to condense his entire life story into a mere six hundred pages. Categorized into seven parts, Odyssey to Freedom takes the reader through a journey of history, struggle, and human emotion. Autobiographies generally focus on the life events and history of the author. Odyssey to Freedom is not any different in this regard. George Bizos begins the novel by telling the reader of his early adult struggles ... Read More »

Brazilian fiscal lessons for Greece

Three months ago, about half a year late but moving fast, the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund punted €130bn ($165bn, £107bn) on averting default in Greece. The first-quarter results are in, and the management is performing pretty well. But the country needs to grow as well as cut costs, and sales are not looking great. The most likely outcome by far is still that Greece will have to reduce the net present value of its debt in a restructuring, ... Read More »

”We should not only do our best to keep the bastards honest but also ourselves”

“What would you do if…’’ There are less than 24 hours left before tomorrow’s Federal Election in Australia, and some voters remain undecided on who to vote for. Apart from those who will vote for the existing government or for the opposition for ideological reasons, it appears that there is a growing number of people who are dissatisfied with the performance of both the government and the opposition. There is a long list of important issues concerning the Australian public, ... Read More »

BANGLADESH: It is your daughter, so what?

A man from Bangladesh who was talking to his member of parliament, asking her not to stop the local police from investigating into the rape of his nine year old daughter had the shock of his life. The member of the parliament was trying to protect the suspect. The man pleaded with the lady Member of Parliament telling her, that the girl who had been raped was his own daughter. The MP’s reply was, “It’s your daughter, so what?” Such ... Read More »

Sümela to host historic mass amidst nationalist protests

TODAYS ZAMAN The Black Sea coastal province of Trabzon’s Sümela Monastery, which currently serves as a museum, will host a historic mass on Sunday, marking the first mass to be held at the monastery since 1923, with the participation of Orthodox Christians from Greece, Russia and Georgia. Yet the days leading up to the mass, to be officiated by İstanbul-based Fener Greek Patriarch Bartholomew, has seen strong reactions against the event by parts of the Turkish media and politicians from ... Read More »

Commissioner wanted to uphold children’s rights

The president of the Australian Human Rights Commission says Australia is not doing enough to uphold the rights of children. ABC News Catherine Branson QC is calling for the creation of a national children’s commissioner and says all government departments should be informed about children’s needs. Read More »