Monthly Archives: February 2010

French blow up over fellatio anti-smoking posters

(Reuters Life!) – An anti-smoking campaign showing teenagers in a pose suggesting fellatio with a cigarette has caused an uproar in France, with critics arguing it plays down sexual abuse and distracts from real health threats. The ads, presented earlier this week, show an older man in a suit pushing down on the head of a teenager with a cigarette in his mouth, in a position that suggests oral sex. The accompanying slogan reads: “Smoking means being a slave to ... Read More »

Turkish mountains where they still speak Ancient Greek

One of the great population movements of modern times was the “exchange of populations” that took place in 1923 between Turkey and Greece. Neil Trevithick recently visited northeastern Turkey with the descendants of the Pontic Greeks, who were forced to leave more than 90 years ago. Source: BBC News – Turkish mountains where they still speak Ancient Greek Read More »

Stuck in an unfair federal system

Last week’s High Court decision in the Arnold case reveals major problems with Australia’s structure of government when it comes to the Murray-Darling basin. The case also suggests Peter Spencer has reached the end of the road in his attempt to be compensated for land-use restrictions on his property. The Arnold case arose when farmers in the Lower Murray region sought compensation for forced reductions in their use of water. This was brought about by a NSW law that replaced ... Read More »

Abusing clergy must admit responsibility, bishops told

A top Vatican official has told Irish bishops in Rome for talks with the pope on the Irish Church's handling of child abuse that clergy who had sinned must admit blame for "abominable acts". Read More »

Univ. Minnesota Publishes Book on Cyprus

‘Partition Through Foreign Aggression: The Case of Turkey in Cyprus’ by William Mallinson is the title of a new book on Cyprus published by the University of Minnesota. The author argues that Cyprus, a member of the European Union, should be a cohesive social and political federation – despite attempts to slice it into two against the grain of its natural social and historical development. Mallison’s book demonstrates that the very idea of partition for an island state like Cyprus Read More »

Thousands of British expats due to lose their property in occupied Northern Cyprus

The British Court of Appeal (Civil Division) with its judgement in the Apostolides v Orams case (Case No: A2/2006/2114) on 19 January 2010 has created an unexpected new legal situation in the ongoing struggle in Cyprus between Greek-Cypriot owners of property who had been forced to flee in 1974 and whose land had been grabbed by the invading Turkish Army, and for the mostly foreign speculators who took control of those lands, building, at times, plush ‘holiday’ dwellings on them. ... Read More »

Americans detained in Haiti were ‘trying to rescue children’

Ten Baptist workers to appear in Port-au-Prince court after attempting to take youngsters out of country. The Americans will appear in court tomorrow in Port-au-Prince after attempting to take 34 children out of Haiti, saying that they were trying to rescue them. Read More »