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Creativity and Disease: How Illness Affects Literature, Art, and Music

Mental illness exerts a profound influence on artistic activity. In fully developed cases the creative force is weakened or totally bewitched. Works of the insane have provided fundamental insight into certain manifestations of mental disorder, and in certain cases can even help us to reach a diagnosis. Moreover, creativity often has an excellent therapeutic effect. There are, for instance, distressing ... Read More »

15 of the Most Iconic Photographs


Jeff Widener – Tank Man On June 5, 1989, protests where taking place at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. When the chinese military brought in re-enforcements one extremely brave man stood up to tanks, to this day his identity is still unknown as well as his whereabouts. Four people claim to have took photos of the event, but the most famous was ... Read More »

NEPAL: Why are so many women killing themselves?

Nep 1a

KATHMANDU, 21 January 2010 (IRIN) – Suicide has emerged as the single leading cause of death among women in Nepal aged 15-49, outranking other causes such as accidents and disease, according to a government study. Read this article in: Français The Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Study 2008/2009 undertaken by the Family Health Division (FHD) of the Department of Health Services ... Read More »

A new club is forming

Karlstad Toastmasters Club Welcome to Karlstad’s Toastmasters club. A club where we can enjoy the art of public speaking in a supportive, learning environment, and where you can also build self-confidence. Our members come from all walks of life and practice their communication and leadership skills together, for business, public service, recreation, personal development, and for fun! Read More »

Australia should take the lead on human rights in South-East Asia

“It’s not our role to tell countries what to do. These are internal affairs of the state.” Australia should speak up about human rights abuses on our doorstep, including in Indonesia These sound like the words of a Chinese official, yet this is what an Australian diplomat told me on a recent visit to South-East Asia. Geographically on the fringes ... Read More »

The Ghanaian Art Sector comes out in full force and in Style to honour one of its own: Prof Joe Nkrumah

NSOROMA: The Cultural Legacy of Joe Nkrumah Nsoroma: Like the stars, I am one of the children of the Highest One and rest in God,trusting not only in myself. The Dei Centre is pleased to present ‘Nsoroma’ an exhibition that featuring portraits of the late Professor Joseph Nkrumah, an internationally renowned conservator, curator and intellectual. Nsoroma, an Adinkra symbol means ... Read More »