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‘Any ideology that fails to engage with our psychology is doomed to failure’

Avishai Margalit (Afula, Israel, 1939) is a retired professor from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he spent most of his working life, and is currently Professor of Philosophy at the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Princeton (USA). Interview with Avishai Margalit (Text Joan Vergés Gifra) © Pere Virgili Apart from writing a large number of articles on questions of moral and political philosophy, Margalit is the author of five books. With his wife, Edna Ullman-Margalit, he ... Read More »

Kashmir girl fights off militants

Kashmir girl golding gun 1a

‘ A teenage girl says she killed a militant with his own gun after insurgents attacked their home in Indian-administered Kashmir ‘ Rukhsana Kauser said she ‘fired endlessly’ Three militants stormed into Rukhsana Kauser’s home in a remote village in Jammu region on Monday and started beating her parents in front of her. Ms Kauser, 18, and her brother turned on the gunmen, killing one and injuring two more. Police praised their courage. One of the militants wanted to marry ... Read More »

Human Rights Watch’s Supplementary Concerns and Recommendations on Russia

Submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in advance of its Review of Russia This memorandum, submitted by Human Rights Watch in advance of the United Nations Human Rights Committee’s (“the Committee”) review of Russia’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (“the Covenant”), addresses several areas of concern raised by the Committee in its List of Issues to be Taken up in Read More »

Algorithm and Blues

Well, this is unexpected — a comic book about the quest for logical certainty in mathematics. The story spans the decades from the late 19th century to World War II, a period when the nature of mathematical truth was being furiously debated. The stellar cast, headed up by Bertrand Russell, includes the greatest philosophers, logicians and mathematicians of the era, along with sundry wives and mistresses, plus a couple of homicidal maniacs, an apocryphal barber and Adolf Hitler. Improbable material ... Read More »

Exclusive Interview with Penya artist Dela

She is an artist you may (or may not) have heard of before, but rest assured she is working hard to make sure all that changes soon! With the Kenyan music scene flooded with a lot mediocre artists, it is refreshing to hear some real talent which this artist no doubt has. Featured on Sauti Sol’s debut album Mwanzo, Dela is one of the latest signees to one of the hottest urban labels around, Penya Records. KenyaChristian blog got in ... Read More »