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Honduras´ Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya will arrive to Nicaragua border with Honduras Friday in his second attempt to return to his country along with government officials and international personalities “I’m going to Honduras; I hope most of the Honduran people could overcome the army squads in the common border to avoid passage,” said Zelaya last night in his arrival to ... Read More »

Scientists Confirm that Global Warming is a Lie

A peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Geophysical Research confirms what anyone who isn’t drunk on Kool-Aid has already figured out: fluctuations in the climate are not caused by capitalism. Via Climate Depot: According to this study little or none of the late 20th century global warming and cooling can be attributed to human activity.The research, by Chris de Freitas, ... Read More »

Book Review: The Scandinavian Cookbook

Every Wednesday I review a cookbook to help weed out the good the bad and the ugly. This week I am reviewing The Scandinavian Cookbook by Trina Hahnemann.  When I saw this book I had to have it.  Being Scandinavian in descent, I wanted to learn more about traditional Scandinavian cooking.  Yes, I am Swedish.  Hej – (“hello”).  This book ... Read More »

Philosophy Research Seminars 2009 July – December

Tuesday July 14, 2-4pm (Please note the unusual day and time of this week’s seminar) Prof Kevin Hart – “Religious Experience and the Phenomenality of God: Reading Jean-Luc Marion and Jean-Yves Lacoste” Professor Hart is the Edwin B. Kyle Professor of Christian Studies at the University of Virginia. He is a major poet, critic, theologian and philosopher of religion. The winner ... Read More »

Errare humanum est

Δεύτερη Ανοικτή επιστολή στον Αλεξάντερ Ντάουνερ (Το πλανάσθαι ανθρώπινον) και η παραδοχή της πλάνης αρετή! Αγαπητέ κύριε Ντάουνερ, Έχει περάσει ένας χρόνος από την προηγούμενη δημόσια επιστολή που σας απηύθυνα, όταν διοριστήκατε στη θέση του ειδικού συμβούλου του γ.γ. του ΟΗΕ για το Κυπριακό. Αναγκάζομαι να το πράξω δημόσια εκ νέου, αφού δεν ανταποκριθήκατε σε αίτημα για συνάντηση και δεν ... Read More »

Shooting for the Moon

The headline that humbled Hinch Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Forty years ago this month, the dusty, rilled footprint of Neil Armstrong was historically planted on the moon as man walked on the lunar surface for the first time. About ten years before that –when I was a teenager – I used to wrestle with my Dad for first go at ... Read More »