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Omar Bongo

A diminutive, dapper figure, who conversed in flawless French and alternated between pomposity, courtesy and cruelty as required, Bongo treated Gabon as a self-obsessed landlord treats his private estate. Omar Bongo, who has died aged 73, was the longest-serving president in African history, leading Gabon for 41 years and shamelessly looting the country’s oil wealth. Photo: AFP/GETTY He considered everything inside its borders to be his personal property and elevated corruption to a method of government. Bongo amassed enough wealth ... Read More »

Anacaona, the famous women’s orchestra of Cuba… June 6 Art of Jazz

Latest picture of the touring group of Anacaona, with one more update. The female vocalist from Havana C (a.k.a. Havana Conexxion) is added to the group, on the right in the picture (name unknown, please advise us if you know it!). Nicknamed the “Buena Vista Sister’s Club”, and more recently “Las Mulatisimas del Sabor” this historic 16 piece Cuban dance band makes its debut appearance in Canada at Read More »

Asylum seekers wrongly refused legal aid

A local law centre project to help unrepresented asylum seekers has demonstrated that the vast majority are wrongly refused legal help for their appeals. In June 2007, Devon Law Centre set up its Asylum Appellate Project (AAP), to help asylum seekers refused public funding for their appeals to obtain it, and to obtain the evidence necessary to change public policy. The law centre’s second report demonstrates Read More »