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Truth and Immortality = Beauty

Panos Ioannou 45downstairs poster

Panos Ioannou Memorial – When Artists Meet As time goes by since the day Panos Ioannou left us, it becomes all the more obvious that the only weapon that man possesses to confront death and to conquer immortality is from a mortal to become im-mortal. And this weapon is nothing more or less other than his work, oblivion or memory ... Read More »

Eastern Europe and the Global Financial Crisis

In the midst of world financial crisis the Eastern countries of the Euro zone are facing challenging times Unemployed wait in line at a government employment office on Feb. 5 in Madrid, Spain. Unemployment is higher in Spain than anywhere else in the EU, which is also affecting migrant workers from other parts of Europe. (JASPER JUINEN/GETTY IMAGES) It is ... Read More »

Earth Negotiations Bulletin

A Reporting Service for Environment and Development Negotiations Volume 16 Number 73 – Monday, 16 February 2009 TWENTY-FIFTH SESSION OF THE UNEP GOVERNING COUNCIL/GLOBAL MINISTERIAL ENVIRONMENT FORUM Read More »