Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Road From Wasilla: An Old Abortion Fight Revisited

Any day now, President Bush’s secretary of health and human services, Michael Leavitt, is expected to deliver a parting blow to women’s reproductive freedom: new regulations further limiting access to abortions, contraceptives and accurate information about reproductive health care options. If that happens, it will be a big victory for the far-right — one, as it happens, that is partly Read More »

00 Content Delivery in the ‘Blogosphere’

The interest in new media for teaching and learning has highlighted the potential of innovative software and hardware for education. This has included laptops, handhelds, wireless systems and Web-based learning environments. Most recently, however, this interest has focused on blogs and blogging. Weblogs, or blogs, are Web pages often likened to online personal journals. They are noted for being the “unedited, published voice of the people” (Winer 2003). Winer provides a Read More »

IMF director cleared over affair

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has kept his job after being cleared of harassment and abuse of power over an affair with a colleague. Mr Strauss-Kahn apologised to his staff in a memo earlier But the IMF board criticised Mr Strauss-Kahn’s “serious error of judgement” in the matter. The managing director apologised this week for his brief liaison with IMF former senior economist Piroska Nagy. Read More »

The Iliad and the Tamils

American films portrayed the “Red Indian” (the Native American) as savage and cruel, concealing the fact that a friendly and trusting people had been cruelly set upon, and were putting up a desperate struggle for their land and survival. Andromache and Hector And so it will be with Sinhalese accounts of the Tamil struggle for equality: another Dutugemmunu victory, with the cowardly, “terrorist” Tamils surrendering to the brave Sinhalese army. One of the remarkable features of The Iliad (among the ... Read More »