Monthly Archives: September 2008

Artformz Alternative

Every Picture Tells a Story Artformz Alternative Presents “Every Picture Tells a Story,” an Exhibition Opening Reception for artists: Fabian De La Flor, Donna Haynes & Rosario Rivera-Bond Paintings and 3 dimensional objects & continuing Fabian’s Artformz Outzide project for Sept-Oct. “Mr. & Mrs. Candidate” Special Guest Artists Performing Outside: David Rohn & Danilo de la Torre of Homo Read More »

Junk ethics

At a birthday party in a trendy new bar, I once asked what the ‘charlie room’ was. Needless to say, the hip young things thought me naive and very uncool. Charlie, otherwise known as cocaine, white lady and nose candy, is still a favourite party drug. In 2001, the National Household Drug Survey found that some 1.3% of the population had used cocaine in the previous year – just over 200,000 people. It’s popular amongst two groups: one that is ... Read More »

Wyclef Jean Announces Storm Relief Fund for Haiti

The storms that have battered Haiti in the past few weeks have left more than 500 dead and wreaked havoc in the lives of more than 600,000 people who have been displaced by flooding or cut off from food supplies. Haitian President Rene Preval has appealed for help from the international community, saying the country faces a “catastrophe”. Wyclef Jean – musician, Haitian Goodwill Ambassador and founder of Yele Haiti – has Read More »