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Richard Henry Tawney (1880-1962)

richard henry tawney, fellowship and adult education ///R. H. Tawney was a noted economic historian, democratic socialist and educator. Here we make a brief assessment of his contribution as an adult educationalist – and his strong belief in fellowship. Richard Henry Tawney (1880-1962) was a noted economic historian, educator and activist. Born in Calcutta, the son of a Sanskrit scholar, he was educated at Rugby School and Balliol College, Oxford. At Rugby R. H. Tawney formed a lasting friendship with ... Read More »

The REDD zone: World’s forests under negotiation at Bali

Climate change conference-goers grapple with the issue of deforestation in the developing world. The following post was written by Erin Condit-Bergren, 25, in Bali. Erin is a climate activist from California currently working in London. Trees: believe it or not, they are still at the center of the environmental debate. Most people are focused on industrialized nations’ contribution to global warming from Read More »