Monthly Archives: July 2007

A case of justice denied

The treatment of Mohamed Haneef compromises Australia’s legal system and puts at risk the way of life the Government says it is fighting to protect, writes Julian Burnside Illustration: Dyson THE treatment of Mohamed Haneef is very disturbing. He spent 12 days in custody waiting to be questioned by police and he was held under provisions that do not appear ... Read More »

Hubbard’s Scientology ‘built on nonsense’

WITH the Packer wedding over – and guest Tom Cruise embrolied in a “religious” controversy – Scientology is once again on the agenda, writes Jill Singer. SCIENTOLOGY is being talked about again because of certain prominent supporters. Germany is reluctant to have Scientology’s most famous adherent, Tom Cruise, play one of its country’s greatest heroes. Valkyrie, the planned film, centres ... Read More »