Monthly Archives: December 2006

Another view of Christmas

JILL Singer writes: I love Christmas. Some might think I have no right to because I am an atheist. But for countless millions of non-believers across the world, today is still a very special day. To we heathens, infidels, barbarians (call us what you like), today is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate things such as family, peace and goodwill to others, the essential spirit of Christmas. It’s just that we don’t believe in or feel the need to celebrate the ... Read More »

Archbishop defends symbols of Christmas

Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, last night accused “illiberal atheists and aggressive secularists” of trying to remove the Christian symbols of Christmas from public life. Article history The archbishop, second in seniority in the Church of England, whose profile has risen recently for a series of criticisms of those he sees as denigrating his faith, was responding to media claims of companies and local authorities seeking to downgrade Christmas, ban office decorations or stop parties, allegedly on the ... Read More »