Monthly Archives: July 2006

The World Game of ecumenical dialogue

I left for Faverges, a charming alpine village in the north-east of France, on the opening day of the FIFA World Cup. Flying first to London, I saw glimpses of the opening ceremony could be seen at Singapore airport. A friend and I stood in a pub near Soho on a balmy – and, indeed, ‘barmy’ – London Saturday afternoon to witness England sneak home against a valiant Paraguay. The newly appointed Standing Commission of Faith and Order was to ... Read More »

Greece demands return of stolen heritage

· Getty museum success inspires antiquities hunt · We’ll scour world to get them back, says minister A 6th century BC sculpture from the island of Thassos, which the Getty museum has agreed to return to Greece. Photograph: AP Greece is to reclaim hundreds of looted art works and antiquities from museums and private collections around the world, the government said yesterday. Emboldened by the J Paul Getty Museum’s move to return two prized antiquities to Greek ownership, Athens had ... Read More »

Perilous journeys

On 19 October 2001, a woman gave birth on a sinking boat en route from Indonesia to Christmas Island. She was one of 421 people, including 146 children, 142 women and 65 men, who had boarded the boat the previous day in the Sumatran port of Lampung with hopes of being reunited with loved ones who had preceded them, and of beginning life anew in Australia. She was last seen, by survivors, drifting past with her baby attached by the ... Read More »