Monthly Archives: March 2006

US claims that selling weapons to Turkey forces that occupy Northen Cyprus is legal

The International Association for the Protection of Human Rights in Cyprus expresses its disagreement with the recent statements of United States’ officials, according to which the act of selling American weapons to the Turkish military forces that occupy Northern Cyprus is legal. It should be observed that in accordance with the United States Leahy Law, 2001 Foreign Operations Act, which explicitly prohibits US military assistance to foreign military units Read More »

Greece votes to allow cremations

Human rights activists in Greece have welcomed a new law passed by parliament which for the first time allows people to be cremated rather than buried. Some hope the Greek Orthodox Church will drop its opposition The Greek Orthodox Church has until now opposed cremation, describing it as a violation of the human body. The bill was passed by MPs after a campaign lasting almost 10 years. The governing and main opposition parties all voted in favour of the bill, ... Read More »