Monthly Archives: April 2005

Toward a Weilian Philosophy of Vocation

A Paper for the Annual Colloquy of the American Weil Society, San Diego, CA, April 30, 2005 Working as I have for the past nearly four years in Mercer’s Center for Faith, Learning and Vocation, much of my research has been redirected toward the notion of calling as a basis for higher education. Many of the seven dozen or so schools engaged in the Lilly Foundation’s Project for the Theological Exploration of Vocation have adopted Frederick Buechner’s definition of vocation ... Read More »

Accounting for the lethal force

Victoria has a problem with police shootings and a system of control and inquiry that is patently inadequate Illustration: Dyson Police have to deal with some dangerous people, and violence sometimes is unavoidable. But when an agency of the Government takes the life of a citizen, the fabric of our community frays. On Monday an officer of the special operations group (“SOG”) shot dead Mohamed Chaouk while conducting an armed raid on his home. It is the second time this ... Read More »

Another day, another festival

In his Comedy Festival gig Noodlemeister, British funnyman Ross Noble impersonates Lord Mayor John So announcing Melbourne’s latest event – a festival for people who wear their hats tilted slightly to the right. New Year’s Eve festivities in the city. Photo: Joe Armao “I just think people are mad for festivals in Melbourne,” Noble says. “It’s almost like whatever you do, Melbourne people turn it into a festival. “I’m just going out to have a few drinks – let’s have ... Read More »