Monthly Archives: February 2005

Existentialism Is a Humanism

My purpose here is to offer a defence of existentialism against several reproaches that have been laid against it. First, it has been reproached as an invitation to people to dwell in quietism of despair. For if every way to a solution is barred, one would have to regard any action in this world as entirely ineffective, and one would arrive finally at a contemplative philosophy. Moreover, since contemplation is a luxury, this would be only another bourgeois philosophy. This ... Read More »

Welcome to Australian poetry

Along with the welcome additions of pages for Ouyang Yu and Robert Adamson, this issue sees the first update of the established Australian poets’ pages, with the inclusion of a selection of John Tranter’s poetry and a short sample of Judith Beveridge’s work. Especial thanks are due to the Arts Council of Australia for agreeing to support this site over the course of the coming year. In the first volume of his autobiography, Robert Adamson recounts his final departure from ... Read More »