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Australian of the Year 2005 – Dr Fiona Wood AM

Western Australia’s only female plastic surgeon is a mother of six, Head of Royal Perth Hospital’s Burns Unit and Director of the Western Australia Burns Service. She is also co-founder of Clinical Cell Culture, a private company recognised in medical circles for its world-leading research and breakthroughs in the treatment of burns. In addition, Dr Fiona Wood is also a ... Read More »

Conqueror of Everest says he saw Shackleton’s ghost

Sir Edmund Hillary has backed the preservation of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s hut in the Antarctic – because of an eerie encounter with the British pioneer’s phantom. Conservation work begun last week on the Nimrod hut, overlooking a bay at Cape Royds, Ross Island, has spirited significance for Sir Edmund, who described seeing an apparition when he first visited. In a ... Read More »

Tentative plans for a Cypriot intervention

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Plans for British military intervention in the civil war in Cyprus involving a naval flotilla and 15,000 soldiers were drawn up hastily on the instructions of the prime minister, Harold Wilson. Article history The aim was to restore the Cypriot president, Archbishop Makarios, who had been deposed by a coup led by officers supporting the Greek military junta in Athens. ... Read More »