Monthly Archives: July 2004

The Creative Arts Curriculum

Music, movement, dramatic play, puppetry, and the visual arts—painting, sculpting, drawing, and use of other media invite children to invent, make discoveries, and explore ideas, objects, and materials. The creative arts allow children to experience the deep satisfaction that comes from making something new, and they support learning in all domains. This issue includes full-length articles, useful charts and checklists, and easy links to Web sites with pertinent information on encouraging young children to express themselves and learn through the ... Read More »

Tote chief says sell-off is on track

Tote chairman Peter Jones yesterday said the government’s long-promised privatisation of its sports betting business would be carried out by January next year – so long as the disparate factions of the horse racing world can agree a sale price with the Treasury. He was speaking after the Tote revealed a record jump in operating profits for the year to March 31, up 53% to £28.7m, on turnover up 61% to £1.47bn. Gross win – the amount lost to the ... Read More »

Neruda centenary marked in Chile

Chile’s President Ricardo Lagos has led celebrations across the country to mark 100 years since the birth of the country’s greatest poet Pablo Neruda Chile has staged various events to honour its most revered poet Mr Lagos travelled on a special train to speak at an official ceremony in the poet’s home town of Parral Pablo Neruda received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. A long-standing Communist Party supporter, he died less than two weeks after Gen Augusto Pinochet ... Read More »