Monthly Archives: May 2004

From dust to dust

MA Gallery Studies students have shown that death and decay can be exciting, intriguing and beautiful in an exhibition at the University Gallery. Death is one of life’s main challenges, and it is an experience that is common to us all. Artists have responded to this in many creative ways, as it can neither be seen, touched nor heard. The works on display are reminiscent of the phenomenon of the ‘memento mori’, a 17th century theme reminding the viewer of ... Read More »

Why the Greek Cypriots said “No!”

OXI 1a 2004

Unlike many media reports of the Greek Cypriot rejection of the Annan plan, Andrew Borowiec of The Washington Times gives an impartial report in his “Greek Cypriots Dash Confederation Plan” of 23 April. However, it is very important to delve further into some of the reasons why the Greek Cypriots rejected the Annan plan. Just as the Greeks said “NO,” (OXI) to Mussolini’s ultimatum for Greece to surrender on 28 October 1940, over 75% of Greek Cypriots also said “NO,” ... Read More »