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The DC Internet Directory

The DC editors have completed a revision of the DC Internet Directory. Artists, collectors and their representatives, as well as others with an interest in contemporary art such as curators, critics and printmakers use the Directory. It is divided into several categories including Resources — Artist representation and services, Artist Listings, Museums, Galleries and Search Engines — with a focus on art. Read More »

African Art by African Artists or with an African Theme

ArtnetAfrica is a supplier of fine contemporary African art by African artists or with an African theme. Contact us for further information on any of the African artwork shown in the galleries, or for any other queries relating to African art. All the art exhibited in the gallery has been carefully selected by the ArtnetAfrica team. If you are looking for a specific piece of African art not shown we Read More »

China sentenced two Tibetans to death

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) has received additional information on the execution orders issued on 2 December 2002 by Karze Intermediate People’s Court in Sichuan Province. Two Tibetans, Trulku Tenzin Delek (a.k.a A ngag Tashi) and his follower and a distant relative, Lobsang Dhondup (28), were sentenced to death on alleged involvement in a series of bomb blast incidents in Chengdu. Other charges labelled against them are, “illegal possession of arms” and “engaging in splittist activities”. Read More »


Отчет № 30 МГПК – Азия 24 Dec 2002 Таджикистан остается наиболее уязвимым из центральноазиатских государств. За десять лет независимости страна пережила потрясения гражданской войны, а ее экономика оказалась на грани краха. Наркотики, беженцы и продолжающийся конфликт в Афганистане служат постоянным поводом для беспокойства, при этом политическая система остается хрупкой и чреватой взрывом насилия. Коррупция, местничество и внешняя угроза – все это мешает реализации мирного соглашения 1997 г., положившего конец пятилетней гражданской войне. В этой войне противоборствовали силы Read More »

Colombia: ¿Durará la luna de miel de Uribe?

Boletín Informativo sobre América Latina N°3 19 Dec 2002 PANORAMA GENERAL Los primeros cien días del nuevo gobierno llegaron y pasaron, y los colombianos siguen abrigando grandes esperanzas de que el presidente Álvaro Uribe saque al país de su prolongada crisis mediante el fortalecimiento de la seguridad y la resolución de la guerra civil que se libra desde hace decenios. Esto se hace evidente en los altos índices de popularidad del presidente, que en los primeros cuatro meses de gobierno ... Read More »

Capitalism and Freedom

Short Description for Capitalism and Freedom How can we benefit from the promise of government while avoiding the threat it poses to individual freedom? Milton Friedman presents his view of the proper role of competitive capitalism both as a device for achieving economic freedom and a necessary condition for political freedom Full description Publisher: University of Chicago Press Published: 17 December 2002 Format: Paperback 210 pages See: Full bibliographic data Categories: Political Structures: Democracy | Economics | Economic Theory & Read More »

Christmas documentary questions the virgin birth

The BBC will court controversy from some religious believers, already convinced that it is a nest of atheists, by airing a documentary questioning just about every tenet of the Christmas story. Christian wrath risked Article history In particular, the programme about the Virgin Mary, to be shown next Sunday night on BBC1, suggests that she was probably a 13-year-old when she gave birth and considers the possibility she became pregnant through being raped by a Roman soldier. The conservative Catholic ... Read More »