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Estranged Labour

Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844. Karl Marx ||XXII| We have proceeded from the premises of political economy. We have accepted its language and its laws. We presupposed private property, the separation of labor, capital and land, and of wages, profit of capital and rent of land – likewise division of labor, competition, the concept of exchange value, etc. On the basis of political economy itself, in its own words, we have shown that the worker sinks to the level ... Read More »

International Center for Greek Philosophy and Culture

IThe International Center for Greek Philosophy and Culture (ICGPC) is a non-profit academic, research and cultural Institution. The ICGPC has its seat in Samos (Pythagorion), land of Ionia, which is also the birthplace of philosophy. The ICGPC has its aim to promote international research into Greek philosophy, and to coordinate and develop the research carried out by specialists in Greek philosophy, and Greek Culture. The Center views Greek Philosophy as including the philosophical production of the Greeks from the time ... Read More »