Monthly Archives: February 2002

Massow quits over attack on conceptual art

THE Institute of Contemporary Arts forced Ivan Massow, its colourful chairman, to resign last night over his attack on conceptual art. Mr Massow, 34, walked out of a bitter 90-minute meeting and said the ruling council had “unanimously demanded” that he quit. Mr Massow, a homosexual, foxhunting, ex-Tory millionaire businessman, caused uproar when he described conceptual art as “self-indulgent, craftless tat”. Read More »

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1712 – 1778

“Never exceed your rights, and they will soon become unlimited.” – ROUSSEAU Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born on June 28, 1712 in Geneva, Switzerland. His mother died shortly after his birth. When Rousseau was 10 his father fled from Geneva to avoid imprisonment for a minor offense, leaving young Jean-Jacques to be raised by an aunt and uncle. Rousseau left Geneva at 16, wandering from place to place, finally moving to Paris in 1742. He earned his living during this period, ... Read More »