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National and Transnational Effects in International Business: Indications from Sino-Foreign Joint Ventures

Management International Review, Jan, 2001 by John Child, Yanni Yan / Sino-Foreign Joint Ve… 592 x 790 | 95KB Abstract * Nationality and transnationality effects on strategy and management practice are examined for a sample of joint ventures in China. The impact of foreign parent transnationality was wide-ranging, whereas there were few across-the-board national Read More »

Justice As Fairness: A Restatement

John Rawls, 4 2001, Volume 7, Number 4, Winter 2001; Volume 7, Number 4  /  Rawls’s Ballet Justice As Fairness: A Restatement by John Rawls (Harvard University Press, 2001, xviii + 214 pgs) Time has not been altogether kind to John Rawls. True enough, his A Theory of Justice has been the most widely acclaimed book in political philosophy since its publication thirty years ago. But Antony Flew, Robert Nozick, and other critics have devastated Rawls’s Das Read More »

Tajikistan: An Uncertain Peace

Tajikistan remains the most vulnerable of the Central Asian nations Osh/Brussels – Asia Report N° 30 24 Dec 2001 русский EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS In the decade since it became independent, it has been wracked by civil war and seen its economy all but collapse. Drugs, refugees and continuing conflict in Afghanistan are ever present concerns while the political system remains fragile and prone to violence. Corruption, regionalism and external threats have all undercut implementation of the 1997 peace agreement ... Read More »

Knowledge And Postmodernism In Historical Perspective

Overview – Synopsis Knowledge and Postmodernism in Historical Perspective offers answers to the questions, what is postmodernism? and what exactly are the characteristics of the modernism that postmodernism supercedes? This comprehensive reader chronicles the western engagement with the nature of knowledge during the past four centuries while providing the historical context for the postmodernist thought of Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Richard Rorty and Hayden White, and the challenges their ideas have posed to our conventional ways of thinking, Read More »

Refugees: The Rampa Case

All great truths begin as blasphemies. – George Bernard Shaw ABSTRACT The Australian government recently decided to adopt a tougher stance in relation to refugees who arrive here informally. In adopting that stance, the government has exposed Australia to international censure. It has put us in breach of our obligations under international conventions, and it has betrayed a deeply unattractive element in the Australian character. It did this for electoral advantage, Read More »

Megan Boyd, Eccentric Master of Fish Flies, Dies at 86

Megan Boyd, whose fabled expertise at tying enchantingly delicate fishing flies put her work in museums and the hands of collectors around the world and prompted Queen Elizabeth II to award her the British Empire Medal, died Nov. 15 in Golspie, Scotland. She was 86. She did not receive her award from the queen, to whom she explained that she had no one to care for her dog that day. The queen said she quite understood, and Prince Charles, an ... Read More »

Israel plans water pipeline from Turkey

WaBa 1a

Mediterranean conduit could thwart serious crisis in Jewish state WND – Anthony C. LoBaido NICOSIA, Cyprus — The nation of Israel — which is running out of fresh water and, some estimates say, will run completely dry within 10 to 15 years — has struck an agreement with Islamic Turkey to provide water via a pipeline through the Mediterranean Sea. In a maverick deal with Turkey, a nation with whom Israel has established close military ties, Israel would receive fresh ... Read More »

Poussin to Picasso

Somerset House, London Jonathan Jones The Guardian Article history It was in the age of the Sun King, Louis XIV, that high French art was invented. From the 17th century, when Poussin painted his mythological and historical landscapes, to the period before the first world war that saw the supremely intellectual cubism of Picasso, France enjoyed the most self-conscious visual culture in Europe. The decline in the past 50 years of the French intellectual view of art has been a ... Read More »