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A Common Humanity: Thinking about love and truth and justice

Excerpt from A Common Humanity: Thinking about love and truth and justice by Raimond Gaita. Published by Routledge. Copyright 2000 Raimond Gaita. All rights reserved. Article history Common Humanity is a beautifully written book about how the humanity of our fellow human beings is sometimes not fully visible to us. Drawing on the examples of the Holocaust, the David Irving Affair, the case of Mary Bell and the taking of children of mixed blood from Aboriginal parents in Australia, Raimond ... Read More »

Let us now praise famous men: A Tribute to V.C. Ike at 70

Chinua Achebe: Why I rejected Nigeria’s 2004 national honors from Obasanjo’s government Special to and USAfrica The Newspaper, Houston (May 4, 2001; Bard College, New York): The attainment of the biblical three-score-and-ten years by Professor Vincent Chukwuemeka Ike should be an occasion for national celebration. It should be an opportunity for a grateful nation to record its appreciation for the work of a great public servant who is also a profoundly important literary artist. I have known Chukwuemeka Ike ... Read More »


Confucius is one of the few leaders who based their philosophy on the virtues that are required for the day to day living. Known as Master Kong to the Chinese, he taught people how to cultivate the value of modesty, planning, respect, moral behavior, honesty and sincerity, apart from common sense. He said that adopting these values was the only way a human being could lead a good life. Confucius was of the opinion that true happiness would only be ... Read More »